Monday, 19 August 2013

Not just another blog post

Hey guys :-)

So, I decided it was time to do something different. I mean, I'm sure you have all got little mental pictures of what my family is like influenced through miscellaneous photographs and paragraphs posted unmethodically on my blog. :-) Whatever that means, it's time to clear up any confusion and show you my family.

My family. Who are they? They are the people I live with. The people who live with me. They put up with me day in, day out. Fair weather and foul weather. It's not easy living with me! I thank God daily for such a wonderful family.

So I thought I would do one family member per blog post. That way, you won't get too confused between us all. :-)

So, first of all, my amazing father. Daddy. My Dad is truly awesome. I cannot think of a more wonderful person to start off with, he is truly an incredible man. He somehow manages to be the head of the family, make all the difficult decisions. work at a full-time job- yet he still has time for all of us!

Quite often he will come home from an exhausting day at the office, eat tea, then sit down at the couch and read stories to Jacob. And play ruff-and-tumble with Ben and Johnny. And make plans with Abbie to take the horses to some far-off place for a competition or something. And help me with some difficult maths problem I'm stuck on. And listen to Mum talk about another house she's found. And try and put kids to bed. All at the same time!

Daddy is no ordinary man!

I value him more than he will ever know. I love his wisdom and integrity. I know that no matter what the world may say, my Dad will stand for right regardless of adversity. If I am lucky enough someday to be married to a man who is even half the man Daddy is, I will be truly blessed indeed!

Dad is the most wonderful man alive. He has a neat sense of humour ("Who invented the electric light, Daddy?" "A bright spark") and always makes learning fun.

Dad, you are such a blessing. I am proud to be in your family and pray that the Lord will always direct your path. I pray that the Lord will give you wisdom and continue to honour you as you honour Jesus with your life.

Thank you for being such a wonderful Dad!

Yes, this is an old photo, but Daddy looks so handsome no matter the age of the photograph!

Dad is always hard at work. 

I love you, Daddy!


  1. I don't wish to sound rude.. But er, I nearly died laughing at the last photo. :)

    Great post Bonnie!

    1. *defensively* I thought it would illustrate his wonderful sense of humour.

      Oh well, I'm glad you liked it.


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