Friday, 16 August 2013

1000 pieces put into place

By the way, this is my 150th post! Still going strong since I started up my blog back in January!

A few random statements for you today, since (as is unfortunately often the case) I cannot think of anything else to post.

Firstly... big announcement!

We have finished another 1000 piece puzzle!!!

*bows, and waits for clapping to die away*

Seriously though, it was quite a big undertaking. The puzzle was given to Sophie for her 13th birthday this year. We started it a month of two ago and then (sadly) one of the younger children smashed it. So we put it away for a while, then a week ago brought it out again and started over. This time, we managed to finish it without (too many) major breakages.

This is what it looks like. It's a picture of a ski slope with lots of things happening!

This is the size of a piece compared to my hand. This picture was actually really hard to take! I was taking it with Abbie's camera which is quite heavy. Because one hand was in the photo, I only had one remaining hand to hold the camera up and press the button to take the picture! Be glad it worked!

 A view of the puzzle when it was partially completed. Notice the border is done. Always do the border first when you do a puzzle.

Now a lot more is done. :-) Yay! Almost finished!

I sadly do not have any more photos of the puzzle. :-( I do have them taken, but they haven't been uploaded to the computer yet. I will post them when they are on the computer.

A random statement to suit a random post. :-) It pretty much speaks for itself!

I don't know who took this photo, probably Abbie, but it's quite a nice one with the sun peeking through the clouds.

Today we went to woodwork. We have been doing woodwork for quite a wee while now. When you start off you are in the junior class, making a set project. That is, everyone makes the same thing. Then you get moved up into the Advanced class, when you can make what you want!

I am in the Advanced class, and I am making a bedside cabinet with a drawer in it to go beside my bed and hold my alarm clock and torch. And of course, other things.

I contemplated making a secret drawer/compartment because that would have been awesome, but I decided against it because it would be rather hard to make! Any ideas for how to go about it next time?

I shall endeavour to post the pictures of the puzzle when I get around to it. Until then, farewell!


  1. Congratulations! :) I've never attempted a 1000 piece puzzle before. But I do like doing 300 pieces, or so!

    By the way...I noticed at the bottom of the post that it says you posted this at 00:57. Do your parents really let you stay up that late? :)

    1. I must admit, I wouldn't be able to do an 1000 piece puzzle all by myself. Danella and Sophie work with me, we are a team. :-)

      Nope! I notice blogspot must not be aligned to the same clock we are! I think it was about 7 or 8 pm when I posted it.


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