Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Jonathan Roger Smithies

So, hi! How are you today?
Today I'm continuing my series of posts about family members by introducing my readers to the sixth oldest child in our family, Jonathan.

Have you missed reading about Dad, Jacob, Ben, Sophie, Abigail, Caleb or Mum?

Jonathan (or Johnny, as he is more commonly known) is currently 9 years old, although he will be turning 10 in November. 

Johnny in his ICONZ uniform. ICONZ is the more adventurous version of Boys Brigade and a Christian version of Scouts or Cubs or whatever. :-) Ben and Johnny love going once a week. They do all sorts of cool things and have camps and stuff.

Johnny is very outgoing. He is always full of good ideas of what to do in his free time and loves making things work. He is also very, very good at board games, beating us older girls frequently at various games!

He always has a project he is helping Ben with, whether it is taking wooden pellets to bits to enlarge the playhouse or making wooden boats to sail in the creek down the street. Johnny is a great helper and is always immensely valuable to have on a team.

In this photo, Johnny shows off the meccano-type gears, wheels and levers science kit. Together, the boys made lots of awesome things!

He loves baking (mainly because in our family, if you made it, you can have a larger portion than normal!) and spends hours making muffins to have for breakfast with Ben and Sophie. Whoops- did that sound like he was going to eat the muffins along with Ben and Sophie being eaten too??!!? Sorry! It was meant to be something like "spends hours with Ben and Sophie making muffins to have for breakfast". :-)

Johnny was thrilled to get a remote-controlled helicopter through recently. He loves flying it around and having people follow after him asking if they can have a turn. Of course, he is very kind and shares his precious toy with all of us. :-)

Jonathan is very helpful and enjoys teaching little children how to do things. He is such a great and patient teacher! All the little ones look up to and adore him.

Johnny, thank you for being such a wonderful brother to me. I pray the Lord's richest blessings on you both now and for the rest of your life.

Keep shining for Jesus, Johnny!


  1. Eat Ben and Sophie!? *draws back in shock* What a cannibal.

    Strangely enough, Johnny looks very different to his siblings in the photos. Or maybe that is just me. :)

    1. Do you think so???

      Johnny is the only boy in our family with hazel eyes. He has the trademark blonde hair, but all the other boys have blue eyes too!

      Funny how these things happen. :-)


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