Meet My Family

This is my family. I am so grateful to God for blessing me with such amazing people, and I thank God every day for my amazing parents and brothers and sisters. I feel very blessed to know them!

Here's all of us together, taken in October 2016.
Left to right: Ben, Baxter (dog), Johnny, Sophie (back), Lydia (middle), Jana (front), Caleb, Dad, Mum (holding Michael), me (back), Abigail (with Ruby), Jacob, Danella

Birthday: 7 March
Favourite colour: Dark Blue
Favourite fruit: Mango
Favourite icecream flavour: Rum and Raisin or English Toffee

Birthday:  25 May
Favourite colour: Burgundy
Favourite smell: Sweetpeas
Favourite animal: Baby rabbits
Favourite icecream flavour: Raspberry or Vanilla

Abigail Rose
Birthday: 24 March 1997
Favourite colour: Lime green
Favourite icecream flavour: Cappucino Fudge or Neopolitan
Favourite time of day: "The time I ride my horses"

Bonnie Joy (yours truly)
Birthday: 29 May 1998
Favourite colour: Sunshine yellow
Favourite card game: Scum
Favourite smell: The smell in the kitchen just before food is ready to be served
Favourite icecream flavour: Cappucino Fudge
(more info here)

Danella Grace
Birthday: 14 July 1999
Favourite colour: Lime green or deep purple
Favourite meal: Lasagna or satay chicken
Favourite card game: Monopoly Deal
Favourite icecream flavour: Hokey Pokey or Cappucino Fudge

Sophie Elizabeth
Birthday: 31 July 2000
Favourite colour: Burgundy
Favourite fruit: Apricot, pear or watermelon
Favourite board game: Chinese Checkers
Favourite icecream flavour: Vanilla

Benjamin James (Ben)
Birthday: 16 July 2002
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite time of day: Early morning, say about 6:30
Favourite movie: Dam Busters
Favourite icecream flavour: Chocolate

Jonathan Roger (Johnny)
Birthday: 30 November 2003
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite food: Pavlova
Favourite icecream flavour: Vanilla

Lydia Ruby
Birthday: 13 March 2006
Favourite colour: Pink or purple
Favourite song: His Eye is On the Sparrow
Favourite book: Geronimo Stilton or The Faraway Tree
Favourite icecream flavour: Hokey Pokey

Caleb Luke
Birthday: 2 December 2007
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite part of the body (I only asked him this in fun, but then his answer was so brilliant I had to include it!): "My liver. I love my liver."
Favourite icecream flavour: Kiwi Camouflage or Gone Fishing

Jacob Joseph Daniel
Birthday: 6 October 2010
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite book: Tintin comics
Favourite dessert food: Icecream
Favourite icecream flavour: Hokey Pokey

Jana Gabriella Pearl
Birthday: 3 February 2014
Favourite colour: whatever makes her look cute ;)

Michael Isaiah William
Birthday: 29 August 2016
Cuteness: MASSIVE! :)

I have the awesomest and craziest family ever, guys, just sayin' :P


  1. You have a lovely family! There is 7 kids and were all homeschooled in my family. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting, Maddy. :) Homeschooling is awesome isn't it!

  2. I just found your beautiful blog! I read about your family and was laughing at the similarities. You have the same birthday as me, although you are two years older. You have a little sister named Jana, and my mom's name is Jana.
    We are also a homeschooling family! I have six siblings. The oldest is 29 and the youngest is 8. My oldest nephew is two months older than my youngest brother. My 10th niece or nephew is on the way, too! Aren't large families the best?
    Have a wonderful afternoon!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Christine!
      The same birthday as me?? Wow, I've never found anyone who shares my birthday before! That's so cool! :) :)
      We do have a few similarities, don't we?! I'll really have to check out your blog. Wow, you are so blessed to have so many nieces and nephews! I'm looking forward to when I'm an aunty, but because I'm one of the oldest children in our family the chances are I'll be giving nieces and nephews to my family before I get any myself!! lol :) Large families are amazing.

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    I know this is probably a funny question, but what's your mom's name? I remember from the 2014 family newsletter it started with "G", but I can't remember the end. :) Mom was wondering, so I thought I'd ask. :)

    Have a great day!

  4. I homeschool too! And I love your blog! Your family seems so sweet!!! I always wanted a lot of brothers and sisters!

    1. Hey Kiley! Thank you for your comment. :) My family is sweet! I've been so blessed.

  5. Dear Bonnie...what precious pictures of your beautiful family! Such a joy to get to know you a little through this post! I too have a large(r) family... I am the oldest of seven - six girls and one little boy (also Caleb like your brother!) who was born in April! He is the delight of our lives...
    I am nineteen years old and live in South Africa on a farm... As I mentioned in my comment earlier, we also have a milk cow and love living out in the countryside! A true blessing... {{Smiles}}
    I am so excited about reading more about you....and I am sure you must be so excited about your baby brother/sister coming soon! There is nothing as special as having a baby in the house! Ah...
    With love and blessings in Christ Jesus!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Kelly-Anne! Thanks for sharing a little about your family. Wow, South Africa! I have a few friends who come from there.
      Wahoo for milk cows!!!
      Sorry for not replying to any of your comments earlier! I have been on camp and only returned late last night.
      Have a splendid day!

  6. Dear Bonnie...I wondered if you'd be willing to have me copy your idea for a Meet My Family post?? As I have begun writing a new blog, I thought it would be lovely to do something similar to what you've done, if you don't mind, that is...
    By the way...just reading about your family has blessed and inspired mine! Truly, I just had to show my parents your family picture and they were so blessed! Thank you for sharing your life with others...

    1. Of course!!! Go for it!!! What is the address of your blog? I'd love to look at it.
      I'm so honoured that you were blessed and inspired through my family. I reckon I have a pretty awesome family even if I do say so myself.... :P

  7. I love that last picture. XD Totally something my siblings and I would do. ;) It was fun to "meet" your family Bonnie! :)

    1. Hey Rebekah! Nice to see you stop in. :) Hehee, funny!


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