Why This Blog Exists

Blog purpose
I guess you could also call this my mission statement :)

To encourage my sisters and brothers in Christ, inspire the aforementioned and hopefully serve the Lord and glorify Him through my wee corner of the web.

Why this blog exists
I originally began my blog for the sole purpose of curiosity. I knew a couple of people who had blogs. And I thought it looked like fun. I was interested in the whole dynamic of blogging, and I thought having my own was a good way to experiment and find out more.

 So I began it, in January 2013.

 Over the years that my blog has been going, my view on both my blog, and blogging in general has changed somewhat.

 The reasons I currently run it are:
1. It is my 'platform' - well, it's sorta my opportunity to tell the world what I think on a bunch of different subjects. :P
2. Because I am used to it, and it would feel weird to stop running it
3. Besides, I genuinely enjoy it
4. I feel like at the moment I still have lots of stuff left to say
5. I can always stop it I get too busy to run it, it's not something I'm chained to

I don't want my entire blog to be overrun by frivolities. And I don't want it to be entirely the heavier, meatier stuff, either. I think a balance fits well. As they say, "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!"

My blog 'tagline' is 'Striving to joyfully serve the Lord' and I sincerely hope to encourage you somehow through my blogging. Maybe you'll see a glimpse of what it's like living life as me and hopefully you'll come away feeling blessed through reading about my blessings.

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