Saturday, 31 August 2013

Lydia Ruby Smithies

So now we're up to the very last member of our family.... Lydia!!! This is the last post in this series on my family. I hope you have enjoyed meeting each of my family members!

Have you missed reading about Dad, Jacob, Ben, SophieAbigail, Caleb, Mum, Johnny or Danella?

Lydia Ruby is currently 7 years old. She is the fifth oldest girl in the family (which makes her the youngest) and is the 7th oldest overall.

Above photo- our beautiful Lydia.

Lydia is a very sweet and gracious girl. She loves hugs, ballet, playing games (especially Uno), helping with chores or whatever we are doing and animals. 

Lydia is an encourager. She leaves little "I love you" notes on my pillow almost every day and draws sweet pictures to go with them. :-)

 Lydia (right) with her cousin Melody who is her age.

Lydia is such a good older sister to Caleb and Jacob. She plays gently, includes everyone and loves to make newcomers welcome. She is a peacemaker and is always quick to smooth over troubled waters.

She also loves doing people's hair. She is always asking if she can do my hair and she spends ages carefully plaiting it or fixing it into a bun. 

Lydia is very enthusiastic and jumps quickly on board with any activity. She is helpful, patient, persistent and cheerful. And lots of fun to be around. :-)

I pray God's richest blessings on you, Lydia! You are growing into a beautiful girl with lots of talents and abilities and I can't wait to see what the Lord will do with you. Thank you for being such a great sister.

I love you, Lydia!

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