Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Jacob Joseph Daniel Smithies

You know how I was doing the series of blog posts about my family? Well, I've decided not to do them in order. I'm going to do a completely random order, and do Jacob (the youngest) next. :-) I hope you don't mind too much.

Jacob Joseph Daniel Smithies. He has been endowed with the longest name in the family and he's the smallest! (Apart from the baby inside Mum, of course.) None of the rest of us have two middle names. All of us including Mum and Dad just have one middle name! He's so cute when he tries to say his name. It ends up being something to the tune of  "Da-cub Do-sif Dan-ool". 

Jacob is just a barrel of fun. Being only two, each new thing is a BIG adventure!!! Here he is enjoying the swing. Look at him, he's laughing SO hard!

You can see more photos of him if you go onto my facebook page (Bonnie Smithies) then click 'Photos', then 'Albums', then the album entitled Jacob Smithies. Yup- I have an entire album dedicated to cute photos of my adorable brother!

The 'moment of truth' stage. :-) Realization has dawned. Then comes that cute wee "Ah" that starts down low and goes up before coming down again. You know the one. 

So, getting back. Jacob is so sweet. He makes life fun! Just this afternoon I was playing "Get the Meal for the King/Queen" with him. That involved one of us reclining on a bed of couch cushions and ordering the other one to be the royal cook and make some sort of food. When I was the 'Queen' I asked Jacob for some pie. He was so cute. He went and got two pieces of duplo, arranged them artistically (or as artistically as a two year old can manage) on a plate (well, actually, a book) and brought it to me, grinning from ear to ear. I then asked for a drink. He wanted to know if I would like a "lem-un hun-ee dink" and when I answered in the affirmative, he proceeded to pour air into a cup/dish thing. Laughing at his own ingenuity, he brought me my lemon honey drink and I asked for a straw!

This foxed him for a bit, until he found a yo-yo. Carefully placing the actual yo-yo bit into the 'lemon honey drink' he gave me the string and obviously expected me to drink from it!! Of course, I pretended to. Then he asked for it back and 'took a drink' as well. It was sooo cute. :-)

Jacob is really ticklish too. Most of us Smithies are! He squirms and wriggles in delight if you tickle him. He also loves being read to for hours on end. And playing hide-and-seek ("hyde and deek down the awl-way). And cakes. He thinks if there is a cake it's someone's birthday. The other day Danella made a sponge for dessert. When Jacob saw it coming out decked with cream and boysenberries, he squealed in delight and started singing "Happy Birthday to You"! Of course, with him, it was "Hap-pee Bir-day to Youuu"!

Jacob, thank you so much for bringing such life and joy into our home. I thank the Lord for you! Although you won't be the youngest for much longer, I know you will be a kind and gentle big brother. 

I love you, Jacob!


  1. Awww! He's such a darling! Thanks for sharing this with us. I love that picture with him on the swing! I like how you spelled out the way he pronounces things too. It's so true, little children bring such joy!

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Rebekah! Thanks for stopping by. :-)
      Yup- little children bring such joy. I can't wait until there's another one in our family!


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