Friday, 30 August 2013

Danella Grace Smithies

Today I'm continuing my series of posts about family members by introducing my readers to the third oldest child in our family, Danella!

Have you missed reading about Dad, Jacob, Ben, Sophie, AbigailCaleb,  Mum or Johnny?

Danella is the only (so far!) left handed person in our immediate family. Our grandfather is left handed though, so it's not really that surprising. 

We were wondering for a while if Jacob is going to be left-handed, but now we're not so sure! We'll have to wait and see.

So anyway, Danella. She blogs over at Footprints in the Sand in case you haven't seen her blog before.

Danella is so lovely. She has such a sweet, gracious personality. And she is funny and fun to be around. :-)

Danella is an excellent cook and loves sewing. She makes these gorgeous cross-stitch masterpieces- and I can never get around to finishing them! She is so diligent and just plugs away at something boring until it is completely done. And, then, of course, I always wish I had bothered to keep going!

She is sooo patient. When I can't grasp a particular maths concept (Danella is the family maths whiz!) she will sit beside me and patiently explain it... over..... and over..... and over again! And then if I still don't understand it she will patiently explain it again. What a girl.

Danella has such a servant heart. She is so diligent and will just do her job without complaining and, having finished it, go and find something else to help out with. She is so helpful!!

Above photo is of Danella and Jacob.

Danella, you are such a wonderful sister. Thank you for putting up with me so patiently all these years!
I value your ideas and love you so much. Thank you again for everything you have done!!!!

Danella, may the Lord be with you and bless you richly in everything you do. I love you.

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