Friday, 23 August 2013

Abigail Rose Smithies

Abigail Rose Smithies. 16 years old. Firstborn in our family, which I guess makes her the oldest!

For those of you who have just joined us, I'm doing a series of posts about my family members. Today, I'm posting about my only older sister, Abigail. (Or Abbie, as she is more commonly known.)

Have you missed Dad, Jacob, Ben or Sophie?

If you don't know my family that well, Abbie is (as I said before) the oldest. She is absolutely horse mad! Horse crazy. (Or sometimes I affectionately call her just plain crazy.) :-)

Abbie was miraculously healed several years ago from REALLY bad excema. I'm not going into details here because I've got other things to talk about as well, but basically she was one of the worse cases in Christchurch and the doctors didn't know what to do to help her. She was itching (scratching at her excema) all day and most of the night long and no one could help her. The only thing we could do was pray.

She was like that for seven years. Then, several years ago, Abbie was prayed for by an amazing Christian man with a healing ministry and woke up a month or two later completely healed. The doctors said she would have terrible scarring for the rest of her life but it was all completely gone! All glory to God!

 The above photo was taken quite recently with one of her horses. HORSES? Yes, I said horses. Not just horse, horses! Abbie has (I think) 9 horses currently, with one due to have a foal anytime in the next week or so!

Abbie is always patient. She has a heart of gold and loves baking for the family. She is a very hard worker and is often at her horses paddock for hours at a time, giving lessons to people to pay for her horse's upkeep.

She knows when to tease and when to listen, when to laugh and have a good time and when to give sympathy. Her virtuous nature has showed me up many times.

Abbie is very self-less, she actually gives quite a few free horse lessons a week to various families who couldn't afford it otherwise. She is very caring and always looks for the underdog.

Abbie, you have been such a great older sister to me and I know you will continue to be. Thank you for listening to, laughing at and loving me even when I've said or done the wrong thing!!

You will always hold a very special place in my heart.


  1. Abbie's story is strikingly similar to my brother's. In fact I think he had equally as bad eczema or worse because he was practically born with it (and asthma attacks.) He was bedridden for quite some time, and always itching since he was a baby.
    I'm so glad that, in both cases they were healed!

    I think Abbie has successfully spread her violent enthusiasm of horses, throughout all her friends. Just warn her she might start looking like one.... Er, just kidding.

    BTW, what day did you publish this? It says Thursday, but I don't recall seeing it on that day...?

    1. I'll apologise on behalf of Blogger. Danella's blog does the same thing! The days are set wrong and I don't know how to fix it. I actually published this on Friday. :-)

      Yes, she might start looking like a horse! She already wears her hear in a ponytail.....

    2. Sorry, her HAIR in a ponytail. :-)


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