Thursday, 31 March 2016

Hair Tutorial // Sophia Lucia lace braided bun

Good morning, friends! 

It's been a while since I've done a hair tutorial so here's a hair tutorial. Today I would like to show you how to create a Sophia Lucia lace braided bun. I have no idea why it's called a Sophia Lucia lace braided bun, the person who taught me how to do it called it that so... yeah!


Many thanks to Sophie for being my model! Don't you think it's fitting - Sophia Lucia bun with Sophie as the model??? :)

Skills required:
This will be a heap easier for you if you already know how to french braid or lace braid (just french braiding but only taking hair from one side). If you can't do that, you could either check out my old tutorial on french braiding or just enjoy the pictures. :).

Materials required:
See photo below.
Hair band / tie
Hair brush
Bun maker (I often use an old sock that has had the toe cut off and been rolled up, it gives you the same shape)

Are you ready? Find someone to practice on and let's go!

Scoop the hair into a ponytail.

Now place your bun maker over the ponytail, pulling almost all of the hair through it so it's around it like the hairband. Make sure you leave out a small section as shown.

Have the person tip their head forward so the bun maker is right on the top of the head. 'Scatter' the hair evenly around the bun maker, letting it fall loosely. 
Take hold of three sections of hair - one is the section you left out of the bun maker, the other two are just from the hair through the bun maker.

This is the tricky bit. You'll now be lace braiding with those three strands. Lace braiding is french braiding but only picking up sections to add to your braid from one side. In this case, each time you do a braid stitch on the left side you'll be picking up a section of hair from the hair that is falling loosely from the bun maker. You will want to save enough hair to get all the way round the bun maker so don't pick up like inch wide sections to begin with!!

As you lace braid your way around the bun maker, I like to pin the braid into place as I go. You don't have to at all but I find it helps to keep everything shipshape until we get to the end.

See how her head is tipped down? This bun is difficult if the bun maker isn't right on top of the head. 

Almost there....

Annnd... we're at the end! You should now have a lot of hair in your hand and no more loose hair in the bun maker. Continue braiding the hair but just use an ordinary three strand braid.

Now take that braid and wrap it underneath your bun

Like so.

Bobby pin your lace braid over the three strand braid you just hid to ensure it remains hidden and to secure the bun.

And there you have it - a Sophia Lucia lace braided bun.

Question: What country would you visit if you could visit any country in the world?


  1. I could have tried it, but I had a haircut and my hair is now WAY too short.

    I’d visit Ohio, US. And try to do it before the elections finished.

    1. This is possibly a silly question.. but why Ohio??

    2. I have a friend there I would like to meet in real life. He’s a bit of a character.

    3. Cool! Next silly question - why before the elections finish? You're too young to vote.... and you can't vote unless you are an American citizen.

    4. Because I’m scared of the apparent outcome of the elections. (Donald Trump) The friend in Ohio said that if Trump got elected, he would seriously consider coming to NZ. Other Americans I’ve met said they might start saying they came from Canada.

      So it’s just because I’m not sure I’d like to go if Trump becomes president.

    5. Fair enough. However, I feel like Hillary Clinton would probably win over Donald Trump. Nevertheless, time will tell.

      I am considering going to America in November for two and a half months.

    6. I hope so.

      Two and half months? That’s awhile to be gone. What has prompted your mind to go over there? If you don’t mind me asking…

    7. What is prompting me? Well I would like to go and help out in a Christian ministry in Tennessee. I think it would be fun and a good experience. I've always thought America would be a neat place to visit. And if I can help in some small way while I'm there that would be awesome! :)

    8. I agree with you that it would be a neat place to visit and a fun experience, but I'm content with my life in the homeland right now. Maybe when I get a bit older.

      Yeah, definitely I'd want to help in some way. I've wanted to go on a Habitat for Humanity overseas trip to help out somewhere, but you have to be 18+ for that.

  2. I'm not sure, but I would probably visit Israel.

  3. Neat tutorial! And I'd probably like to visit England sometime....

  4. Wow! That is so awesome! I love the idea of lace braiding, never heard of it before!

    1. It's fun! You can get some pretty neat looks and incorporate it in some cool ways! :)


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