Thursday, 10 March 2016

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I've gained a few new blog readers recently, and I thought it might be fun to do a round-up of some of my favourite past posts. Some of these are posts that generated the most views and comments and some are just my favourite ones / ones I sometimes reread / random ones I thought it would be fun to resurrect.
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Enjoy! :)

God's Love Language
A thought provoking post

China Trip Summary
In which I show you photos of my trip to China in Nov/Dec 2015 and talk about my experiences

Dear Bonnie-of-the-future and Dear-Bonnie-of-the-past
Letters to my future and past self

A Colourful Story
I tell a story using as many colour puns as possible

Bonnie's Opinion: Relationships
I discuss the subject of male and female relationships in response to an email a lovely reader sent me

How to Overcome a Bad Habit
A guide to overcoming a bad habit... drawn from my experiences in quitting biting my nails

Fear of the Future
In which I talk about being afraid of the future and we look at some Scriptures that deal with the subject

Good Game List
A list of my favourite games to play in groups - some active games, some sitting still games - something for everyone!

The Day I Jumped Out of an Aeroplane
I went skydiving!!

Bookmark Tutorial
A tutorial for making pretty bookmarks using pieces of card and watercolour paint

Dealing with Change
One of my poems, on the subject of sudden change in our lives

Do you have a favourite post I've written? Any suggestions for the future?
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  1. Oh! I haven't read all these! (some of them are before I started following you!) Good to know! More Bonnie! Now that's a blessing!

    1. Thank you!! :) I always love discovering interesting blog posts from the past on other's blogs, so that's what inspired this post.
      You're sweet! Thank you!


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