Monday, 28 March 2016

Writing Challenges

Good morning, friends!

I've got something a bit fun for you today. Who likes writing? *raises hand*
I've got lots of friends who are writing / have written books. Now I've never actually written book (nor do I plan to in the near future!) but I still enjoy writing. And I thought it would be fun to have a bit of a challenge in the comments. I have five writing challenges. They are all easy, shouldn't be too hard, but they should make you think. The challenges are to write different kinds of stories using a certain number of words. I've got examples below each one (written by myself and Danella) for you to see.

If you are keen to participate, write your stories or responses to the challenges in the comment section. Don't feel like you have to write all five challenges! However many you feel inspired to write. Won't it be fun to read everyone else's [very] short stories? I'm so looking forward to this!

There are no prizes for extra special ones but everyone wins. Thank you for participating! :)

Write a sad story using only three words.

Painful memories linger.
Cat was squished.

Write a happy story using only four words.

I got an A+!
Chocolate is for everyone.
Jesus paid it all

A really really boring cliche using only five words.

'Twas a dark, stormy night...

Write a funny story using only six words.

Wooden leg. Bungy jumping. Bad idea.
"Honey, where has the baby gone?"

Describe yourself using only seven words:

Massive chocoholic and daughter of the King!

Are you ready?
Set, GO!!! Write your stories!!


  1. What a fun challenge! I've written, actually started, several books. A lot were deleted (such a sad day) because something happened to the flash drive, but I still have a couple complete books. I've always thought it would be so neat if I got one published, but it's hard for me to think of a storyline to write about.
    Anyway, here are my answers:
    Challenge 1: Her dog died.
    Challenge 2: Christ is risen today!!
    Challenge 3: In the damp, small room. (Is that a lili he? What even is a cliche? )
    Challenge 4: Look! It's raining cats and poodles!
    Challenge 5: Dark chocolate lover, daughter of Christ, crocheter(I think I just invented a word. Lol)

    Happy Easter, Bonnie!!
    Love in Christ,

    1. Ps. Though this is not six words, here's something funny.
      The conversation while in the car today.
      My little sister was holding a mitten.
      Me: Oh! There's my missing mitten!
      Little sister: Oh. It's a mitten? I thought it was a sock. I was gonna wear it. My feet are cold. :)

  2. Well here is a happy one "He came back home."

  3. 1: I mustn't cry.
    2: He found hope again.
    3: You're stubborn as a donkey.
    4: Mr. Bean at a fireworks show.

  4. 1: Tears clung achingly
    2: Her eyes sparkled joyously


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