Sunday, 3 April 2016

For you, for free :)

Good morning, friends!
Here's something a wee bit different.

I've been seeing this sort of thing around a wee bit. It's artwork, often in the form of a black and white image. The recipients can right click on the image and download it then print out it.

So I decided to *very artistically* do a page for my blog readers. It's yours to use however you like. :) Cut out and colour the separate images and use them for anything. The bookmark you could probably use as a bookmark. The circles I like to glue on to things like stickers.

I've also got a colour version for those lazy busy people who don't want to do the colouring themselves!

(I didn't put the copyright on the black and white one.... I'm fine with you copying /tracing it for your own private purposes but please don't copy it and purport it as your own work or try to sell it! Thank you!)

Have a lovely day! :)
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  1. Those are really beautiful Bonnie! Thank you for making those available. :D

    1. Thank you, Ashley! I am hopeful that others might find them useful. :)

  2. Those are so pretty! Thanks!


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