Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Procrastinator's Daybook

Date... April 30, 2013
Starting time... 4:53 pm
Mood... happy
Outside my window... cloudy.
I'm thinking... The Procrastinator's Daybook is such a great idea!
I'm currently reading... The Bible... I've got nothing else majorly 'on the go' at the moment.
I'm listening to... the computer's gentle hum. For once in a way, it's pretty much quiet round here.Just so you know, it's not normally quiet...
I'm wearing... fleecy pants and a purple fleecy sweatshirt. It's quite cold.
I'm looking forward to... The Ballet show on the weekend! And a Christian camp at the end of this month. And my birthday also at the end of this month.
I'm hoping... the aforementioned things will go well!
Yesterday, I... went to the ballet photo shoot. Lots of standing around wearing costumes and makeup feeling cold.
I'm hungry for... fejoas. Don't ask me why.
The song stuck in my head is... She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain (yes, that's completely random but that's the truth sorry!)
I love... chocolate!!!
I loathe... asparagus
Picture of the week... 
This is Ben a very long time ago. He was roughly three (I think). Isn't he cute?
And on that note, I think it's time to go. Isn't the Procrastinator's Daybook a good idea? I'm going to do it more often!


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