Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Photos of Adrenaline Forest

Hey again, everyone. Well, I said I'd post photos of Adrenaline Forest... so here they are. Once again I'll try to caption them with the names of the people in the photos. I am sorry about the lighting in the photos, you don't get adequate lighting in a forest!
Photo credit goes to Dad and Abbie, who were watching us.

All of us Adrenaline Forest-ers: From left. Johnny, Josiah, Ben, me, Danella, Sophie, Isaac and Joel. Josiah, Joel and Isaac are our cousins.

Isaac on a platform about to do a challenge

Sophie flying through the air on one of the awesome flying foxes

Sophie again doing another challenge

Danella (foreground) about to launch herself  off, with Sophie in the background just coming in to the platform

The infamous barrels. This is a challenge where you have to kind of wriggle through these barrels on your back, all the time suspended at a height off trees!

Johnny just coming in off a flying fox

Danella and I on a platform between challenges

Me on a challenge

Danella climbing up a net challenge

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