Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Photo, diggers and pumpkin soup

Okay, so here we go. I'll try and explain each picture to you as we go along. This first one is a family picture taken near Eyerton (not sure if I spelt that right, but it's kind of North Canterbury) where we went to visit some friends on Saturday afternoon. Some photos are taken by Abbie, some by me and the first two by our cousin's grandad.
Yeah, so here's us. Left to right: Ben, Johnny, Caleb, Dad, Mum holding Jacob, Abbie, Lydia, Sophie, me and Danella. Notice how I am like, one of the shortest of us 4 older girls?

This is the entire group. You can see some Smithies scattered around! There are two other families, our cousins and THEIR cousins, who own the ten acres we went to see. We are all great friends.

Our cousin's cousins are building their house at the moment. The digger arrived to dig the foundations when we were there! Here are some photos (in the wrong order sorry!) of the digger's ingenious way of getting off the truck.

People watching

He first tips up the truck
And turns it around (notice the photographer being photographed?)

This is a completely random photo. It is of this awesome laneway of trees right down the length of their property!

Here's the digger getting off the truck

Almost done.... notice how the front part of his caterpillar treads are still off the ground. This affords a clue as to how he did it. It was quite spectacular to watch.

So there we go. We had lots of fun in Eyreton (still not spelt right) and catching up with the relatives. Our cousins (not the ones who own this property) are going back overseas to the mission field at the end of May so we are not going to have them with us much longer.

On an extremely random note, we had pumpkin soup for lunch that day. I do love pumpkin soup.

Bonnie (are you tired of me and my soup yet?)


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