Sunday, 21 April 2013

I'm IT in a game of tag...

Cool! Aarathyn Arvell of Inconceivable! tagged me! So I have to write ten random facts about myself and then tag ten other people.

Okay... first things first, I guess... 

Random fact number one: I own a grand total of one pair of high heels.
Random fact number two: The time is now exactly... 1:44 pm.
Random fact number three: I love the song See What A Morning (Resurrection Hymn) by Stuart Townend. I could listen to it over and over!
Random fact number four: I hate it when I get introduced to introverted people at events and then are expected to make conversation with them... which I find very awkward when they are an introvert and you end up making ALL the conversation and rack your brains fruitlessly trying to think of things to say and appropriate questions to ask!
Random fact number five: I absolutely love grapes and watermelon. Fruit is the best. :-)
Random fact number six: Stripy scivvies are awesome!
Random fact number seven: I collect business cards. I have over 300 random business cards, some are of individuals, some are of businesses, but the vast majority I collected because I love colourful ones.
Random fact number eight: I'm running out of things to say...
Random fact number nine: I think Blogspot is better than Wordpress.
Random fact number ten: I'm glad Aarathyn tagged me because I didn't have any ideas for a blog post today so this was an excellent excuse. Thank you, Aarathyn!

So.... second things second. The thing everyone wants to know.... Who I Am Going To Tag Next....

1.) Sayna (sorry Sayna, you always end up getting tagged!) of
2.) Matthew of
3.) Jag Swiftstorm of 
4.) David of
5.) Esther of
6.) Rachel, Esther and Tiffany of (I have no idea if these three will do it as their blog is not exactly for this sort of thing!)
7.) Ireland from
8.) Daniel from
9.) Layla and Josiah from
10.) Philip from


  1. Tag back, muahahahaaa…

  2. No fair. I don't do tagbacks. (smirks)


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