Friday, 12 April 2013

Ready for some worship from Northern Ireland?

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I decided to do something different for a change. Here's a review of one of my favourite CDs Come Heal This Land (Live Worship from Northern Ireland featuring Robin Mark).

Songs on this particular CD:

Mulhaires, Traditional Irish Reel
Take Us To the River
Glory to the Lord Our God
No One Like You Lord
In the Beauty of Holiness
Not by Might
What The Lord Has Done in Me
Behold the Son of God
Come Heal This Land
Everything Cries Holy
Lord Have Mercy

Written on the back of the CD...

Featuring worship leader Robin Mark, this eagerly anticipated sequel to the best selling Revival in Belfast was recorded at the St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Hailed as the birthplace of European christianity, its sttting was  perfect foundation for an album seeking a rebirth of passion for God. Containing new songs of worship such as "Come Heal This Land", "Lord Have Mercy" and "Take Us To The River", it is filled with messages of forgiveness and healing. Robin's remarkable vocals combined with singable Irish melodies make for a refreshing album with a strong message of hope.

What I thought of it....

It's incredible!!!!! I love Robin Mark's music, although he has a very strong Irish accent you can't really notice it when he sings. The power of God is present in this CD, I could listen to it for ever and never get tired of it! Click here for a youtube version of Robin Mark singing In the Beauty of Holiness, one of the songs on this CD. 
This is one of the best around. IMO, everyone should get it!!! I have it on my ipod and absolutely love it. 

May the Lord be with you wherever you go, whatever you say, in everything you do.

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