Sunday, 7 April 2013

Introducing you to....

Introducing you to.... my soft toy collection. Yup, I know I'm almost 15 and I have soft toys!!! I love them, too. Here we are... in no particular order.
This is Henrietta, whom Danella crocheted. She is a turtle. The cap can come on and off, it's got a little pink flower on it. Henrietta is very cute.

This is Pamela, whom I was given when I worked at Church helping in the office. It's a long story, but I ended up with her.

This is Ezekiel. I've had him the longest of all my soft toys, I got him from my grandparents when I was about four. He is very cute, well worn (for years I took him to bed with me every night!) and well loved.

This is Christopher the goofy duck. He has a personality!!! I got him for christmas many years ago... he is wearing a Santa Hat and costume. I tied the red ribbon around his neck for fun.

The same time Danella made the turtle, I crocheted this rabbit. She is not named  yet as I can't think of one that suits her. Any suggestions? Her head is too large for her body and that makes her look kinda weird.

This is Rose, the doll that does nothing except look pretty! I acquired her about 5 years ago.

Closeup view of her head.

This is Charlotte Chloe in more detail.

Closeup view of Theodore. Theodore is the teddy I drew a while ago (and posted on this blog.) He is actually very cute.
Theodore again. This is him sitting down. I've had him for roughly 3 years or so.

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