Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I've been tagged... AGAIN

Oh dear! These tags are getting kind of annoying. Okay, I'll do just this one more and then whoever tags me after that is out of luck sorry. I've lost track of the number of times I've been tagged now, like... six or something?

Anyway. Ten random facts about myself.

1.) My eyes have no definite colour. They are kind of blue-ey/green-ey/hazel-ey. No one knows!
2.) I like to think I am good at drawing..... Humble, aren't I.
3.) I have never ever seen any Shrek movies, Madagascar or Monsters Inc or any movies like that, although I have seen Ice Age 1. That's it! (Oh, and part of Over the Hedge.)
4.) Peanut butter chocolate is kind of interesting.]
5.) Did you know that the best kind of sandwich is a thick layer of avocado with some kind of jam on top? It's a bit like the American's Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, although IMO it is WAYYY nicer!
6.) I love avocado. Did I mention I love avocado?
7.) The netball positions I play are GD and GK. I used to play Goal Shoot and Goal Attack but not anymore. I got  switched. The one position I hate is Center.
8.) I can touch-type. Not very fast, but fast enough for my brain to get confused and I make mistakes!
9.) Although I like wearing skirts, I often just wear a comfortable pair of jeans or fleecy pants. Skirts make me feel dressed up. Danella, Sophie and I ALWAYS without fail wear skirts to Church.
10.) Our ballet show is like... THIS WEEKEND! We have rehearsals all this week. If it wasn't this week, we would have been able to go be leaders at a kid's camp. Although I like both of them a lot, we are probably pulling out of ballet after this show. So we felt it was important to do it.
Our ballet tutus for the show are mauve and lime green... they are simply gorgeous! I love wearing tutus.

So that's ten random facts! I'm not going to tag anyone this time because otherwise we'll be thinking up facts until the end of the millenium [only slight exaggeration]!

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  1. Sorry Bonnie, I tagged you before I realized you were sick of it. But its too late now to get yourself out of this, you are doing it!!
    So you need to post another 10 random things about yourself. As I am such a nice sister, I don't mind if you say your 10 random things about silly things I've done. Get to work!


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