Tuesday, 2 April 2013

ALL NEW on Bonnie's Blessings!

ALL NEW on Bonnie's Blessings!

Okay, I've decided to branch out and try something totally new. Since my blog is probably rather boring (right?) I want to liven it up!!!
So here goes. The first step to livening up a blog (apparently) is to get someone to do a guest post on your blog! (Can you see where this is heading?)

Hmmm. A guest post. Not a bad idea!
Does anyone want to recommend someone who would do a great guest post? Please post your recommendations in the comment field.

The second thing you should do to liven up a blog is to create an all-new game of tag.

Tag system? Not a bad idea! I did one a while back (click here) but that was to commemorate my 40th post. What about a tag game just for the fun of it? Just because?

Okay. Sometimes when I can't think of anything to blog about I think up a list of things you probably didn't know about me. Like this one.  Then I post them on my blog.... (Can you see where this is heading again?)

So this is the tag game and rules.

If you are tagged, you must:

1.) Post these same rules on your blog
2.) Post at least 5 facts/oddities/confessions/likes/dislikes about yourself that most of your friends don't even know.
3.) Tag someone else!
4.) Let them know they've been tagged (in case they don't read your blog very often)

Then they in turn must post the rules, post the facts and tag another blogger.
Now, the last time I did a game of tag I tagged Sayna from Shining Arrows. This time I'm going to tag.................................... Matthew.

(If the tagged person doesn't want to do it, they don't have to, but you should probably tag someone else. Try to keep the tag going!)


  1. For posterity:

  2. Thank you :-)

  3. BTW, I didn't know you had eight blogs! I know you have the upcoming lego one, and the matthewsampson.wordpress.com one, but what about the other two you said are live on the web at present? (I won't ask about the other four)

    1. I also have this one: http://legoianphotos.wordpress.com/ and also a website/blog that me and my brother were working on.

    2. Erm... it says A Photo a Day. Is it really? (Last post was Oct 2011)

  4. I would be happy to do a guest post!
    Unfortunately I have no other bloggers to recommend to you (they are all on holiday.)

    Could you tell Abbie that I am unable to comment on her blog because the comment options do not include "name/url" it is a slight annoyance, since I can't comment any other way.

    1. Awesome!!!! I'd love for you to do a guest post! (I was hoping you would offer!) Can you please check your emails because I've emailed you about it.
      Sure! I'll tell Abbie right away.


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