Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Shatter Me For You - my heart's cry

This is raw and straight from the heart! I wrote it in June and thought today maybe I'd post it. I'm definitely not writing as many poems as I used to so enjoy this one!

Sunrise over our property

'Shatter Me For You' - my heart's cry

Draw me closer to Yourself
May we never be apart
Encircle me with arms of love
And melt the walls of my heart

My stubborn, sinful self
Needs to know who is in control
So take the lead and shatter me
Not in part, but Lord, the whole!

Ruin me for You, oh Father,
Take the barriers down
When I'm lost inside your love
is when I'm fully found.

Don't let me disguise my hurt
And soldier on through tears
Bare my heart before You
You're El Shama, the God who hears

I don't want the easy road
If it means I can know You more
So Father, here's my surrender
You've fought and won the war.

*changes subject*
Happy birthday to my lovely sister Danella who is 17 tomorrow (14th). Have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year, Danella!

May you be blessed abundantly!
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  1. wow. That was so...just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I feel this poem speaks to my heart's cry too. Bless you Bonnie!

    1. Oh Lexi, you're so sweet! Thank you for your kind words. I'm thrilled the poem touched you!

  2. Lovely Bonnie! Thanks for sharing that poem.

  3. That is beautiful, Bonnie! You did a great job with that.


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