Thursday, 7 July 2016

Meet Abby

Say hi to the newest member of our family... a lovely house cow who is named Abby!

She was named by her previous owners and knows her name so we won't change it. It is a little confusing, since my oldest sister's name is also Abbie. Pronounced the same way, spelt differently as you can see.

She's so good when we milk her and stands patiently. We're still learning and it takes quite a while but it's so nice to have lots of milk and cream from our own cow!

Anyway, enough discussion. Wanna meet her? :)

I know, right, isn't she cute?!

Jacob, Jana and Abby 

When I first posted this, my post ended here. However, the first commenter was Ashley who asked if I could post a video of someone milking her. Today's milking team was Danella, Ben, Johnny and Lydia. They happened to be milking when I read Ashley's comment so I went out and took a super quick video of them milking which I have embedded below. They had been milking for a while so the milk wasn't coming out as fast as it was at the start. They were also getting tired so switched with each other a bit.

Hope you enjoy it! Sorry for my cellphone's bad quality. There's also a bit of chatter in the background.

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  1. Dear Bonnie,

    Abby is so cute. That's wonderful you all have a cow that you can milk. I really want to get a cow. Maybe you could take a video of someone milking Abby. That would be an interesting video for your readers. :)


    1. Today's milking team was Danella, Ben, Johnny and Lydia. They happened to be milking when I read your comment so I went out and took a super quick video of them milking. Have put it into the post above. Hope you enjoy it! Sorry for the bad quality.

  2. How fun! I actually have a friend who has a cow named Abigail. :)
    We'd really like to get a cow someday, as well as be able to keep our goats and other farm animals, but we haven't gotten there yet. Milking is so fun; don't worry, your hands will get very strong after doing it for a while! ;)

    Rachel M.

    1. How neat! Perhaps Abigail/Abby is a popular cow name.
      Do you milk your goats?
      Having a cow is really fun.
      Looking forward to then! lol

  3. Hello Bonnie! Oh, I am so delighted to have stumbled across your lovely blog! And when I saw this post...I had to smile! We just got a milk cow {we used to have one on our previous farm...but that was a couple years ago} and her name is Molly. She is sadly not very gentle and is occasionally mean, but we love her anyway! Her calf is called Olly and he is the sweetest thing and oh so teeny! I love farm life, don't you? Whilst I was milking this evening, I thought of how richly satisfying it is to keep an animal such as a cow and to be able to milk her! Nothing beats fresh farm milk! Ah...
    I am going to have a look about your blog sounds as if we share a number of similar interests!
    By the way, Abby is so cute!

    Blessings and hugs,

    1. Hello, Kelly-Anne! And I'm so delighted you stumbled across it too, because now I can get to know you. You must tell me the blog address of your blog!!
      Molly and Olly are such cute names. We only milk in the morning. Good for you for milking twice!
      And now I'm interested.... you must tell me these similar interests!
      Blessings to you :)

  4. Oh, so sweet of you to respond to my comment, Bonnie! I am really delighted to be following your lovely blog! It has been a blessing reading about your exciting to have another sibling on the way! I love being in a large family - although yours is larger than mine! And living on a farm and having a milk cow is really wonderful! Also...I see you also are going to Above Rubies! Wow! I have been dreaming and praying about this for eight years...I am waiting on the Lord for the right timing! Being homeschooled was the best thing ever...I was able to start my own business at 17 which I wouldn't have been able to do if I had been at school... And I see we both play instruments! Such fun!
    We are also only milking in the morning as the little calf drinks at night...:).
    I look forward to stopping by again soon!
    Blessings to you!

    1. And I'm delighted that you are following! :) You're my 40th follower, actually. It sat at 39 for about two months I think and then I got the nice surprise of you turning it to 40! :)
      Yes, I'm so looking forward to going to Above Rubies, it's been a dream of mine for a while now. It was incredible how it worked out. I will do a post on it sometime. Amazing, really. I'm sure you'll be able to go at some point! I'll pray for you about it if you like. I did hear a rumour that Nancy Campbell is going to be winding up the magazines when she does her 100th magazine. Not sure if that is true but I guess I'll find out!
      Something to keep in mind anyway.
      Wow, what's your business? That's so cool!
      Blessings to you as well, dear!


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