Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A + A // card tricks, comments and creamy mochaccinos

- Sleeping in the sleepout and having that early morning dash to the house after you get up because it's so. cold. outside.

- Telling a [wonderful] joke and having a very tiny, very polite ripple of laughter go through your hearers. Like seriously, did nobody actually appreciate it??

- Johnny: "The thing about wearing lots of pairs of thick socks is that you have to keep putting more on." Me; "???" Him: "You wear a pair of socks for a while. Then your feet start getting cold so you put on another pair of socks. For a few days/weeks that's fine. Then your feet get cold again so you have to put another pair on as well. You get cold no matter how many pairs of socks you wear! That's why I always go back to one and work back up from there slowly." Me: *wearing three pairs of thick socks* "Oh."

- Forgetting how old your sister is and constantly saying she was 17 when she was actually turning 17 that week. Like, I should know how old she is. She's always been 14 months younger than me. And always will be, too.

- Discovering that I have no less than SIX blankets, a thick duvet and a thin quilt on my bed. I mean, it's pretty cold in the sleepout but six blankets sounds like a lot. I'm nice and warm though, which is good!

- Being told something that just kind of floors you and makes you go, wow, I would never ever ever have realized that. Crazy.

- Hearing other people's embarrassing moments that just make you cringe on their behalf (but also make you feel better about your own constantly embarrassing and awkward moments!!).

- That hunt for pens when there are none to be found... anywhere. Strange how it's always pens, paper clips, blu tack (sticky stuff that sticks stuff together), cellotape and scissors that is always missing. We own heaps of those items but there are never to be found, even though they have clear locations. Frustrating.

- Creamy mochaccinos made with cream from our cow - seriously the best thing in the world!

- Collapsing into bed when you're really, really exhausted.

- Learning new card tricks and practicing them on your siblings. Then having your siblings show you more card tricks and being like, wow, these are actually really good! #BenandJohnnyaremagic

- Being asked to judge a competition at a public speaking group you used to attend. It's going to be really fun! And being asked is such an honour. :)

-Those early morning milkings where before you begin your hands are FREEZING and after you start milking your hands warm up really fast from the warmth of the cow and the exertion of your hands

- People who leave sweet comments and brighten my day

- The Google Images result for 'cute bunny' - SO ADORABLE!!! Also a surprising number of the cute bunnies have their tongues out, which is kind of weird since the rabbits we used to have didn't randomly poke their tongues out. But it's cute so whatever. Also I just wanted to mention that one of the pictures on the search result was wearing a WOOLY HAT. It was ridiculously cute. (Sorry. I'll now stop going slightly crazy of these cute bunnies.)

- Stunningly beautiful sunrises. *sighs*

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- Putting up pictures in the sleepout and making it a bit more homelike. One picture I purchased in China at an art market and I've never put it on a wall before now. I've been saving it for our sleepout. So exciting to see it on the wall!

- Quiet afternoons practicing music with Danella.

Do you play an instrument?
Are you forgetful of information like people's ages?
What small items are always going missing in your household?
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  1. I forget peoples ages all the time, but I have so many siblings! I do often end up counting from the year they were born for the younger ones or remembering that my next sister is two years younger and the next is two more years younger. I do like these posts they are so fun.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Clare! I know right, it's crazy how easy it is to forget peoples ages. That's a good method. :) God bless!

  2. I play the flute, the recorder and the ukulele. The scissors are always going missing too. :)

    1. Wow, I didn't know you played those! How long have you been doing that for? I used to play the recorder and can still play the treble recorder.

  3. I was playing Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, Cornet, Harmonica, Recorder and Violin. But it got to much to practice each one so I now play Saxophone and Trumpet. I sometimes forget information like that. Cello tape, scissors, glue, blu tack and pencil sharpeners.

    1. Oh my goodness, that's a heap of musical instruments! It must have taken forever to practice each! Crazy. Which is your favourite of the two you are currently doing?

    2. It took ages to practice (~ 2 hours) so which caused that I couldn't finish the rest of my schoolwork so I had to give most of them up. But at the time I felt that God wanted me to do them. I don't actually have a favourite. I play the Saxophone at church sometimes.

  4. Oh Bonnie! Your post made me smile...we all have those wonderfully awkward moments from time to time, don't we? I am greatly enjo blog...its lovely to discover a young lady who loves the Lord, her family and farm life! And by the way...real farm milk is seriously the best ever...especially if it comes from your own cow!

    1. Kelly-Anne, you're so sweet. Thank you for your lovely comment! Ah yes don't we all.
      Oh thanks! Do you live on a farm? Milk from your own cow is amazing.

    2. I see you also play treble recorder! It is my favourite instrument to play. My sisters play the descant recorders and I'm looking forward to the day we are all much improved and can perform!
      Yes we do live on a farm...it isn't ours, but God has been good and provided a place with landlords who are so easy and don't mind that we have a big veggie garden and farm animals!

  5. Neat post, Bonnie! :) I play the piano and violin, and yeah, I do forgot people's ages sometimes. But in my own family, I'm more likely to forget their birthday, since we have close numbers on different months. And at our house, the pencils and scissors are always missing!

    1. Thanks, Emily! Oh cool, how long have you been playing those for? I love the piano and the violin is pretty cool. :) Violin players unite!!


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