Thursday, 28 July 2016


Changes. There are always changes.

I don't like change. I even wrote a poem about it (so you can be sure it's a legit thing and not something I came up with just for a blog post :P). Change is something that happens to all of us.

My life is changing.

I turned 18 this year (which means I'm supposed to be at least a little bit responsible! :P)

We're welcoming another sibling to our family in just over a month (this is an exciting change, just in case you were wondering. :P).

Friendships keep changing. Some friends I've grown up with have moved away from my city to attend university elsewhere. One has grown more distant and the other has grown closer. (Weird how it works that way, isn't it!)

Other friendships are becoming weaker while others strengthen. It's all part of growing up. It would be nice to stay friends with everyone but it just doesn't happen. There are also the exciting changes of new friends and friends becoming closer, etc.

Danella and I have moved out of the house and into one of our sleepouts (Ben and Johnny have moved into the other one). It's a big change, trying to remember what's in the sleepout and what's in the house! And to make sure to wear layers under pyjamas because it's quite cold out there. 

I'm planning a trip to the foreign land of America for two and a half months, leaving part way through November. I'm heading over with another girl from New Zealand to help out at a Christian ministry (Above Rubies, for those who have heard of it). This will be a big change and I'm really going to miss my friends and family in New Zealand! Exciting, though.

I think it's helpful in the midst of change to remember that there is One who will never, ever change.

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

He doesn't change! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Such hope and a wonderful promise to cling to.

Have you been having changes going on in your life? 
How do you deal with them?
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  1. I've been sleeping in a different city almost every week for the last two months! It's been kind of a constant rate of change, and I handle it by being excited about seeing new things.

    1. Wow, that's pretty cool! Do you find you're getting a bit homesick, in that you're wanting something a bit more permanent, somewhere to kind of put a few roots down?
      How are you finding your trip, by the way? Still enjoying it? :)
      Good way to handle it. Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow, lots of changes for you! That's neat that you're going to help out with Above Rubies. :)

    1. I know!
      I'm really excited. It's going to be awesome.

  3. Oh my goodness... Bonnie, it has been my dream since I was twelve to go to Above Rubies! I am praying about a possible trip in 2018 when I'm 21!! I was hoping to go with another friend, but sadly she isn't keen anymore so...I am trusting the Lord will provide a way! Do write all about it if you can... Much love to you!!
    P.S. 18 was also so strange for that I am leaving the teens is even stranger!
    Praying for a safe delivery for your momand new sibling!!

    1. Yes, I'm so looking forward to going to Above Rubies, it's been a dream of mine for a while now. Beyond excited! It was incredible how it worked out. There were some amazing things that all came together. I will do a post on it sometime. Amazing, really. I'm sure you'll be able to go at some point! I'll pray for you about it if you like. I did hear a rumour that Nancy Campbell is going to be winding up the magazines when she does her 100th magazine. Not sure if that is true but I guess I'll find out!
      Something to keep in mind anyway. Keep trusting in the Lord. I probably won't blog about it much but I can email you about it when I get there if you like? :)

    2. Dear Bonnie,
      Thank you so much for responding to my comment...I so appreciate it! I would LOVE to hear about your experience if you'd be willing to share with me... Oh, how sad that would be - but as you say, I simply need to keep trusting the Lord! He will make a way if it His plan!! I am so very excited for you and pray your time will be blessed and annointed! Thank you so much for your prayers...they would surely be appreciated!
      Much love,

  4. In general, I like the idea of change - obviously some changes are negative, so they would be the exception. But I like changing things round like my desk or my bedroom just for the sake of change sometimes. Which is possibly a sign that I need to be more content with the present. Or maybe I'm over analysing again :P

    1. Hmmm, yes. Changing things around can be good. Furniture is good to change except for a wee while after you change it you keep forgetting where things are and banging into things in the dark. I would, anyway.
      Haha, over analysing again, are we? :P I don't think over analysing is too bad, although don't get compulsive about it.

  5. Wonderful news Bonnie! Change can be a un-nerving, and sometimes even so, it can be wonderful in its own "new" way. I am always so impressed by you, and I am SO EXCITED you get to come to our county! And, you will be in TN? Down South no less! And, a new baby? That is the best news of all!

    1. I always smile when I see you've commented, Lexi, because you're so sweet and encouraging! I impress you? Wow, such a complement!! I'm so excited I get to come to your country, too! It's going to be amazing... I can't wait. Yes, Tennessee. I believe it's in the rural Nashville area.
      We're so looking forward to meeting our brother or sister!

  6. Wow I never realized just how many siblings you had! It would be pretty cool to visit America, but I don't generally enjoy being away from home all that much.

    1. I have quite a few. :P Lol. You come from a family of six, am I right? That's reasonably big!
      Yes, home is certainly wonderful. Two and a half months feels like a long time!


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