Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I'm feeling happy!

Spring is here, I've finally learnt how to do something I've always wanted to be able to do, I've mostly finished my schoolwork for the day... yep, I'm feeling happy!

I've finally learnt how to do something I've always wanted to be able to do? Yes! You read that correctly.

Now, my dear reader, you may be curiously pondering on what that something could be. Shall I endeavour to enlighten you on that esteemed subject?

Hehehe. I shall.

I've figured out how to plait my hair!!!

Upon reading that statement, you may well be fairly astonished, for it may seem that to plait one's hair is a relatively simple task.

Well, I could never plait my hair (or any hair for that matter!) until late last year when I managed to plait my hair in either one plait down the side, or two pigtail-style plaits.

I continued in that fashion for the majority of this year, only having my hair in a single plait straight down my back when someone else did it for me.

Not to readers: To plait one's own hair straight down the back (see picture) is far more difficult that it seems.

Yes, this picture is off Google Images, but it shows the plait straight down the back. I tried and tried and tried but I still couldn't do it on myself! I could do pigtails and plaits on the side on myself, but not the above plait on myself. I could do it on other people, too, but not on myself! Until two days ago.

Yup- I managed to do it once on myself! I was pretty stoked! Granted, it was rather messy and had a rather large twisty bit in it, but it was still a plait. And I had done it myself. :-)

This morning I practiced a bit more and I managed to perfect one without the twisty bit in it! I am looking forward to the many options available to me now that I can properly plait my own hair!!! :-)

Yes, I'm sure you, my dear reader, are an expert in the plaiting of hair. I am not. (!) But, I'm willing to learn, and would like to someday perfect the fishtail plait (below) or french plait (which I can't even do on other people yet!) or some other fancy plaiting ideas.

Any hints or tips for someone who doesn't know much but is willing to learn??


  1. Congratulations Bonnie! Just keep practicing, and then you will be able to do a french and fishtail braid on your own head like me. :)

    I did an identical fishtail braid on my cousin's waist length blonde hair a month ago.. It took absolute ages to finish.

    1. Wow! Do you know how to do a fishtail braid? You'll have to teach me sometime!

  2. I know less than you about braiding hair.

    1. :-) Somehow, I'm not really surprised.

  3. Is a plait a braid? Cause that's what it looks like...I know, I'm such a dunce.

    1. I think they are the same thing. :-) But I'n not sure. I must google it someday. :-)

    2. Yes, it's exactly the same thing. Just different terminology. :)

      When we came to NZ from the US, I had a hard time understanding what they were talking about at first. :) After a while, I learned to translate plait as a braid. :)

    3. Oh thank you for clarifying that Esther!

  4. I'm going to try explain to you how to do a fishtail plait! :)

    1. Brush your hair, then put it all down your back (none in your face).

    2. Begin by splitting the hair into two sections.

    3. Take a small piece of hair from the outside of one of the two main sections and bring it to the inside of the opposite section.

    4. Then take a small piece of hair from the outside of the other section and bring it to the inside of the opposite section, then pull tight.

    5. Keep taking small pieces from each side into the inside of each section to develop the inverted braided pattern.

    6. Keep going until you reach the end and finish by tying the hair with a elastic band.

    Hope this helped!

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thank you for that explanation. I'll try it and see how it goes, thank you for posting! I might try it on patient sis Danella first though- easier to see what I'm doing than if I try it on myself to start with.

    2. Did it!!! :-) Did it for the first time this arvo on Sophie. :) :) Next step - try on myself!


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