Thursday, 26 September 2013

R is for Random

Well, here I am again, staring at a blank box wishing I had something really interesting, exciting or better still, fun to post about.

Maybe I'll just be real ordinary and random.

Random? Random:

A.) Last night was the boy's ICONZ group's breakup night for Term 3. (Families are invited for breakups.) They had a quiz (which we had made - Dad, who is a leader, said his daughters would no doubt love to do the quiz ). We (Dad, Sophie, Danella and I) all helped brainstorm quiz questions and then I typed them all into a slideshow and added photos and stuff. It was so much fun making the quiz and then Danella and I were the judges. That was really fun. :)

B.) I collect business cards, and have been for years. Last time I counted, (I forget the actual number) I think it was some hundred. Maybe 2-5 hundred or something like that? Lots, anyway. They are all arranged neatly in alphabetical order in little boxes. It is a most amusing past-time, collecting business cards.

C.) One of my all-time favourite websites is The Phrontistery. This website has a collection of alphabetically-indexed pages with a collective title of The International House of Logorrhea. I love these pages! It lists thousands of unusual, obsolete, weird and awesome words. If you want to know, say, all the unusual, obsolete or weird words beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet, say, R, go onto that page and you will be flummoxed, astonished, surprised and even enthralled at the vast selection awaiting your attention. And then there's the Compendium of Lost Words, which lists 400 of the rarest words in the English language that aren't used anymore, or are 'lost'. This site is fascinating!

D.) It is my delight to use gargantuan idioms to fabricate intelligence.

E.) I would put something random down here for E, because having an A, B, C, D and E seems nice and complete. However, I am now officially stuck for something to put here. So I'll leave it at that.

Now: some random photographs and pictures courtesy of my friend Google Images.

This seems to be a house in the sky!

I love beautiful (what I call 'passionfruit') sunsets. I love them so much I've got three of them here for you.

Isn't that just irrestistible? The colour of that sky!!!

Cute goat kids are adorable. 'Nuff said.

And this, my friends, is the original apple pie.

Cute comic I found. :)

Another house in the sky, this one pretending it won't fall over!

Here's the third stunning sunset. Isn't that beach idyllic????

And these flowers are so pretty. :)


  1. If you can't find something to blog about, then don't. This blog is for you, and should be an accurate representation of you. You don't have to be always posting on there just to get followers to come. If that was your reason, it would be pointless. That's just my two cents for today. :)


    1. Wise advice. :-) Thank you for sharing that. I do appreciate where you are coming from, and although I understand what you mean, if I only posted when I had something to say I'd hardly ever post at all!!!


    2. Very true. :)



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