Monday, 16 September 2013

What is a Saint?

Out of the Mouths of Babes

"What is a saint?" the teacher said
With watchful eye and weary tread
She lead her charges round the church
In archaeological research --
To most of her class a saint was dead!

"A saint is a person the light shines through,"
Said the smallest child, as she stood to view
A stained-glass window, wide and high,
Drawing shafts of sun from a cloudless sky,
A Joseph-coat brightness of rainbow hue.

The teacher smiled with happy surprise
For no moral she might devise
Could describe more exactly the attribute "good"
Or be more perfectly understood
Than this truth of the ageless wise.

She smiled again, for her words at last
Had reaped their reward for all the past
Lessons she thought fell on stony ground;
For, with joy, and thankfulness, now she found
A new awareness of knowledge held fast.

The child smiled too, with pleasure of praise,
And remembered the incident all her days,
For when she was older, and growing grey,
She said to her own grandchild one day,
"You will know the saints, and they will know you
If they see the light of God's love shining through."

-Stella M. Entwistle

(From the book I Can Trace A Rainbow by Sheila Miller)

AND... in other news... Overnight my blog reached 10,000 views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

(In case you were wondering, no I haven't finished posting all the interview responses but I thought you might get sick of so many dumped on you at once (!) so I'm mixing them up a bit with other posts. :) )


  1. Congratulations, Bonnie! Keep it up.

    1. Thank you for your kind congratulations. :) I shall try to keep it up! Lol!


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