Tuesday, 24 September 2013

200th post, puzzles, piano exams and books

Wow- this is my 181st post! I'm nearing the auspicious 200 posts!

I decided that since I did 100 random facts about me for my 100th post, I should do 200 random facts about me for my 200th post. That was a good idea... until I started writing them (always good to be prepared) and found that I couldn't really think of any. I used them all up on that 100th post! So I abandoned that idea and now I'm looking for something awesome to do for my 200th post.

Any ideas????

I thought I could just forget about the whole thing and just do a normal post, but I love celebrations! I love marking memorable occasions. :-) So it just isn't in me to do that! (Sorry)

Last Tuesday (a week ago today) Danella and I sat our piano exams. And yesterday we found out our results! I got merit, which I am pretty pleased about. I shall leave Danella to tell you in her blog what she got.

And... in other news..... (I feel like a TV announcer) we've just finished another puzzle!! Yay!! It's a very pretty one, an old fashioned cobblestoned street with a fair/circus thing. It's one of the nicest we own, I think. Excuse the quality of the photo.

 (Photo credit to Danella)

We got lots of books at a book sale after woodwork on Friday. Lots of books? Like, 4 boxes. :-) I found a whole lot of Agatha Christie mysteries (my latest favourite author - I love mysteries!!!) and also lots of Biggles books. Ben absolutely loves Biggles books. I enjoy reading them too, I suppose!

We also found another Redwall book, one called Rakkety Tam. We now have 7 or 8 Redwall books in total.

And of course, we got lots of other books! Enid Blyton titles. (Yes, I still read her books.) And three puzzles. All 1000 piece. Actually, the one I was telling you about above that we finished was one of the ones we bought at the book sale!

I had better go now and fold the washing. There is always something to do in a big family!
Have a wonderful week.



  1. Goodness! I didn't have any idea how terrible the photo was... the camera battery was dying so I just took the photos as quickly as I could and I never actually saw how bad they looked. :-)
    Also, I might as well say that I got merit as well in my exam as I am probably not going to do another whole post about it on my blog.

    1. :-) I think the photo's not too bad. I would have done a really sloppy photo, trust me!


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