Sunday, 22 September 2013

Results of the Competition

Okay, I don't think I'll get any more competition entries so I'll just stop it now and announce the winner.

The entrants were given this puzzle:

The entrants were then asked what word or phrase each of the numbered boxes represented. This puzzle is called the 'spedoodle' also commonly known as the 'rebus', the 'wordle' or the 'dingbat'.

As an example, I told them that number 23 was Jack in the Box. You can see the word JACK surrounded by a square. Of course, this taken literally could mean Jack in the Box. All the other ones are taken literally in this way.

The results were rather impressive. While I only had six brave folk attempt this, EACH entrant scored higher than 13!!! That means that every single person got AT LEAST 13 right!

That, my friends, is a feat to be proud of!

Now, onto the results. I shall not embarrass the lower place-getters by telling  you their scores but let me just say that I am pleasantly astonished as to how well everyone did. Well done to everyone. This is not easy!

Okay, here we go.

1st place goes to.......

David Sampson!!!

Congratulations!!!!! David had an absolutely astonishing mark of 29!!!!! That means he got 29 of the spedoodles completely correct!

David wins complete bragging rights (to the fact that he won this competition) for the rest of his life.

Second place goes to...


Congratulations!!! Jennifer scored the amazing mark of 27!!! This is phenomenal stuff people!

The other four entrants did very well also, with almost all of them scoring in the 20's!

Special mention to Matthew, who, although he scored an extremely high mark and would have been in the top two, told me later that he had googled three of his answers and therefore I decided he had to have those three marks deducted from his score.

This, of course, deflated his mark considerably and kept him out of the top two. (Crime doesn't pay.) However, Matthew, thank you for telling me. I appreciate your honesty, that is why I am giving you a special mention.

So... I am sure you are all longing to hear the official answers. For those whose wording was only slightly different I gave it to them anyway. Here they go, in order of 1 - 30.

1. Seven seas. (Or the seven seas)
2. Split level.
3. Forgive and forget.
4. Missing you.
5. Downtown.
6. Lucky break.
7. He's beside himself.
8. See-through blouse.
9. First Aid.
10. West Indies.
11. Six feet under ground.
12. Backwards glance.
13. Tricycle.
14. Reading between the lines.
15. Crossroads.
16. Three degrees below zero.
17. Neon lights.
18. Just between you and me.
19. One in a million.
20. Broken promise.
21. You are out of touch.
22. Life begins at forty.
23. Jack in the box.
24. Growing Economy.
25. Up before eight.
26. Just around the corner. (or Just in the corner)
27. Apple pie.
28. Making up for lost time.
29. Standing ovation.
30. I understand you undertake to undermine my undertaking.

Well done to all the entrants... and hopefully for those who didn't enter, you'll enter next time!
Have a great week!


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