Monday, 30 September 2013

I meet God in the Morning

I absolutely love Helen Steiner Rice's poems. :) Yes, I know I have said that before, but I love her poems!!!

Two other posts I have done with her poems in are here and here. As I said before, I love her poems. (Did I mention that I love her poems?!?)

Here is one of her creations entitled "I meet God in the Morning" It's also relevant for Spring time too, I guess!


I meet God in the Morning
Helen Steiner Rice

"The earth is the Lord's 
and the fulness thereof"-

It speaks of his greatness
it sings of His love,

And each day at dawning
I lift my heart high

And raise up my eyes
to the infinite sky...

I watch the night vanish
as a new day is born,

And I hear the birds sing
on the wings of the morn,

I see the dew glisten
in crystal-like splendour

While God, with a touch
that is gentle and tender,

Wraps up the night
and softly tucks it away

And hangs out the sun
to herald a new day...

And so I give thanks
and my heart kneels to pray - 

"God, keep me and guide me
and go with me today."

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