Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Popular Post Pondering + Photos

Today, being a beautiful and bountifully blessed day (aren't all days bountifully blessed?) I thought I would share with you some photos I took. Note: I did not take these photos today. When I take photos I generally leave them on Abbie's camera and forget about them, then find them a week or two later and like them and put them on my blog. :) So that's what happened with these photos. They are a week or two old now, sorry!

The blossoms are starting to diminish on our trees. Do your trees still have blossoms? If not, enjoy these photos of several trees when they were blossom-ised. (Is that a word? No? It is now, lol!)

While I sit here and wait for the photos to load, (yes, they are loading at present) I want to share something amusing with you. While I never intended this post to be so popular, it has received so many views and a large (for my blog, anyway!) number of comments that I am forced to admit that embarrassing photographs of oneself can evoke a lot of interest and comments and views.

Yes, shocking, right?

It is. I would have thought that a lovely poem like Helen Steiner Rice's accompanied with a nice picture would be a lot more pleasing (and popular) than a few awkward photos of me being silly! But obviously people don't think so. Oh well. It was an interesting experiment.

Ah - the photos have loaded. Here they are. Enjoy them.

The spiderweb outside the firewood shelter

Daffodils remind me of Spring. :) Spring is without a doubt my favourite season.

Our Nashi pear tree - these are my very favourite type of pears! I love them!

Blackboy peach blossoms

Nashi pear blossoms again - this time close up

A gorgeous riot of pink. :) Our neighbours have flowering cherry trees lined up their driveway and it is indeed a sight to behold come Spring. It also makes for some lovely photos, at opportune moments perched on the fence with a camera.

A zoom-ed out view of the cherry trees framed by the trees in our backyard. 

Ah yes. Hm. This photo. Um... I don't know what it is doing in our photo folder on the computer. I can only assume that Abbie took it when she was down at her horse paddocks. But I put it in because I think that it is interesting and makes for an intriguing photograph. Besides, that pukeko is undoubtedly cute. :)

Enjoy this beautiful and bountifully blessed day!

(EDIT. Oh, and today I fishtail plaited Sophie's hair for the first time!!! So happy I learnt how!! I said in this post that I wanted to learn how.. and this afternoon I studied tutorials and just did it. It's not as hard as I thought!)


  1. Love the Pukeko photo! The Nashi pear blossom have some bokeh in the background, too. I like the blackboy peach blossom, photo too.

    1. :) Thanks! I noticed the bokeh in the nashi blossom photo and put it on, thinking of you. :) :) :)


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