Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Grand Bicentenary

A Grand Bicentenary! That's 200 posts!!!

*bows, waits for clapping to die down*

Aside from the obvious implications of this, I must first apologize most profusely for the absence of the winners of the giveaway. I hinted that I might announce the winners on my 200th post. Well, the long and short of it is that I couldn't wait another four days before my 200th post. :P

So... here, in all of it's glory, is my 200th post. :)

Before we go any further, here is my giveaway, so you remember to put your entries in for today. Don't forget this all-important action.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now, I know I should be presenting something full out and flawlessly fabulous on this auspicious occasion. Problem is, I couldn't think of anything!!! So this is just a normal, nice, post, (at least, I hope it is normal and nice!) with some photos I took this morning. Ten of them. A nice, even number.

Let's take them as they come, shall we? Here is a shot of my favourite clematis. :) Climbing up the trellis outside the garden outside one of the bedrooms. As you can see, it has taken over the trees nearby somewhat, but no one cares because it is so pretty.

Wisteria covering the trellis that leads from our backyard around to the ranch slider in the dining room. This smells absolutely divine at this time of year.

One of our rabbits, Toffee.

Lydia with some other flowers (there are lots of gorgeous ones out at the moment - an amateur  photographer's paradise!)

This flower hangs over the other trellis, (yes, that's all the trellises now!) it is tangled with more wisteria and looks really pretty.

Lydia with clematis

Such a beautiful girl. xxx

Lydia with wisteria, framed by the rosebush on the one side and the backyard on the other. See the bokeh in the background??? I'm so proud of that. :)

Apple blossoms, still wet with dew

The famous canoe Adventurer in the woodshed.

That was my 200th post! What should I do for my 300th???

Have a great day everyone. :)

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