Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Two Forts And A Birthday Cake

First of all, I'd just like to say thank you for your feedback. At times I feel really depressed and wonder if anyone actually reads my blog at all! But when I get lots of people who fill in the form and say "it's okay Bonnie, you're doing great!" it cheers me up a lot. :)

Thank you very much also to you people who suggested different things... it's funny, some of you said one thing and some of you said the complete opposite! Obviously in that situation I can't follow everyone's advice but I'm going to try different things and see what works for me. Thank you once again for all your advice.

Right... now that's out of the way, I have photos for you! These photos are of Johnny and Caleb's birthday. Now, we were going to be away on holiday while both these boys had their birthdays (Nov 30th and Dec 2nd) so we brought them forward so we could celebrate while Grandma and Grandad were down from Nelson. We celebrated them (on Tuesday I think it was?) on the same day and Sophie made a big cake.

Enough said. On with the photos.

Caleb in his 'present fort'. I think he thinks it's an igloo, from the way he's shivering!

Johnny in his fort. Excuse the mess everywhere. That's normal in the life of our family!

Both of the boys on opposite sides of the lounge

On with the presents! Johnny in full flow.

Wow, LEGO games! What could be better?

Some of the spoils

Danella and Lydia watching the fun

Even Jacob got something too! Here's a little chap who loves chocolate.

Sophie being very industrial and putting all the wrapping paper away nicely. Ten points, Sophie!

This is Johnny and Caleb with the cake Sophie made. It's a castle with a LEGO knight guarding it and turrets and things. It's actually way more impressive closer up, too! Sophie is a great cake maker.

Close up

Jacob giving Johnny present-unwrapping advice

Troop of eager onloookers! Left to right: Johnny, Danella, Abbie (in back), Ben, Lydia, Caleb and Sophie.

Ben, Lydia, Caleb and Jacob admiring Caleb's presents.

Our week has been super-busy, what with preparing for exams next week and both sets of grandparents being here in Christchurch! How has your week been?


  1. We have a little boy who loves chocolate…don't mention it or he won't eat his veges.

    Looks like they had a really fun party.

    And I love the cake. Amazing.

    1. Little boys are like that. :) (So are big girls sometimes!!!! lol)

      Yup, it was fun. Sophie will be thrilled when I tell her what you said about her cake!

  2. Sophie's cakes are certainly impressive!
    My week has been very busy too, so far.... But it has only (technically) been two days (Tuesday and Wedneseday. Monday was labour day.) :)

    1. Yes, true. But I guess you could say that a week is seven days, so it's from Tuesday to Tuesday. Or Wednesday to Wednesday. Depends what day it is.


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