Wednesday, 5 June 2013

100th POST!!!!!! EXCITEMENT!!!!!!

Comment on this post if you think 100th posts are awesome.  *runs off to comment, then runs back*
Okay, here we go!

Did I tell you that I had something cool up my sleeve? I do! Here's what it is... DRUMROLL...

I'm going to put down 100 random facts about myself. Yes, you heard right. One hundred. A century. Yibai. Sto. Hundrede. Hondered. Sada. Cant. Cent. Hundert. Hyaku. Cento. Hundra. O suta. Yes, ONE HUNDRED!!!

The only other feat that has come close to this (that I know of) is 70 random facts, which I believe was attempted by Jag Swiftstorm. Here is his try at 70 facts.
He did 70. Now, here's my attempt at 100!!!

1.)    I love avocados.
2.)    I can play the bass recorder, somewhat.
3.)    I don’t like ricebubbles or weetbix.
4.)    Beds with uneven sheets annoy me.
5.)    I prefer using handkerchiefs more than tissues.
6.)    I am hopeless at throwing a frisbee.
7.)    My younger brothers laugh when I get diggers, backhoes, front end loaders, rollers etc muddled up.
8.)    I’ve had my hair curled once before.
9.)    Cappucino Fudge Icecream is THE BEST!
10.) One of my younger sisters is taller than me, and another is about my height.
11.) I love reading the Bible in KJV Old English.
12.) Umbrellas fascinate me.
13.) I am very curious.
14.) I can do the splits.
15.) When I write in my diary, I love using diaries that are unlined so I can doodle on them.
16.) One of my sisters has different coloured eyes.
17.) I was born with blonde hair.
18.) Now I have dark hair.
19.) Right now I’m wearing a vest.
20.) I love using gel pens.
21.) I hate using thick pillows. I always sleep on the same pillow, a really thin one.
22.) Every morning I feed our two rabbits.
23.) My pencil case is awesome.
24.) It has four pockets.
25.) Whenever we go into sandfly territory, I always get BADLY bitten. L
26.) I am right handed.
27.) My watch is one minute ahead of our family clock.
28.) I wear my watch on my left wrist.
29.) I’ve never made chocolate eclairs before.
30.) I teach Sophie music theory.
31.) My sister Abbie owns 7 horses.
32.) Another sister, Danella, owns an aviary full of budgies.
33.) I still read Enid Blyton. J
34.) Fuchsias are my favourite flower.
35.) My bike has a baby seat on the back so I can take Jacob for bike rides.
36.) I like sketching.
37.) Mum got new glasses a few months ago.
38.) I love snow.
39.) Hopefully we’ll get quite a bit of snow this winter.
40.) I love the colour royal blue
41.) I can draw cartoons.
42.) Right now Mum is reading aloud.
43.) It’s hard trying to think of all of these!
44.) I can name all of the Duggar kids in the right order.
45.) I love frozen blueberries.
46.) I have a birthmark on my left shoulder blade.
47.) I was born at 7:50 am on a Friday.
48.) I’m nearly halfway through this list.
49.) 100 is a lot to think of!
50.) We’re doing a computer programming club.
51.) I have been learning violin for 1 ½ years.
52.) I have been learning piano for 2 ½ years.
53.) I’m not very accomplished at either.
54.) Brussels sprouts are yummy.
55.) So are parsnips.
56.) I love chewing on cooked meat bones.
57.) I can do any handwriting I feel like. And change halfway through if I wish. You should see my diary... it’s totally different fonts all the way through!
58.) I used to be President of a Writing Club.
59.) I’ve read almost all the books we own.
60.) A lot of these facts begin with “I”.
61.) I like using long words. You know, using gargantuan idioms to fabricate intelligence.
62.) I’m not very patient.
63.) D’ye realise there is one fact for every single blog post?
64.) D’ye realise I started two with the conjunction “D’ye realise”?
65.) I love climbing trees.
66.) I am hopeless at chance games.
67.) I never used to be able to plait my hair, until I learned late last year.
68.) I’ve always had weird and funny dreams.
69.) This isn’t as hard as I thought it would be...
70.) Only thirty more to go!
71.) When I sharpen pencils, I hold the sharpener in my right hand and the pencil in my left.
72.) I absolutely love jokes.
73.) Jokes make me laugh.
74.) Funny things make me laugh.
75.) Sad things make me sad.
76.) Happy things make me happy.
77.) I could keep doing this until I get to number 100! (But I won’t.)
78.) I’m doing the Cambridge Exams in English and Maths this year.
79.) We have quite a small washing line.
80.) I love massive tree swings!
81.) Do you know how to have Joy? Put Jesus first, Yourself last and Others in between.
82.) I sing Christmas carols throughout the year, not just at Christmas time!
83.) We used to jump off the top of our Garden Shed.
84.) I love chocolate.
85.) When I do dishes, I usually sing.
86.) When I fold washing, I am usually silent. Queer, but true.
87.) I am knitting baby bootees at the moment.
88.) Don’t get any ideas from that.
89.) We’ve only just got the DVD of our ballet show.
90.) It’s aboslutely super!
91.) Nine more facts to go. How will I ever stand it?
92.) If you’ve read all of these, congratulations!!!
93.) If you like this post idea, leave a comment. Comments make me happy.
94.) 100 random facts (handwritten) takes up about 2 ¾ pages of refill, with most taking up one line.
95.) This is the first post I’ve written on paper first. All of my others have been sit-at-the-computer-writing ones.
96.) I am wearing a T-shirt.
97.) It is in the evening as I write.
98.) The End Is Near!
99.) I love eating sausages.
1100.) This is the last one! Phew. What an accomplishment!

My 100th post form:

Well???? What did you think of my 100th post? Comment if you like it!


  1. Maher-shalal-hash-baz5 June 2013 at 18:57

    I like it. Great idea. Looking forward to your 1000th post.

  2. I like your 100th post! :) I don't think I'd have enough patience to do 100 things about me. :) It would be a little more for me anyway...currently I'm at 241 posts. :)

    1. Wow! When did you start your blog? I started in January.
      It didn't take as long as I thought it would. I wrote them in several installments on one day.

    2. Esther you are at exactly the same number as I am! I have done exactly 241 posts..... o.O.

    3. I started my blog in January last year...and I haven't posted on it as much as you have, Bonnie! (I don't believe so, anyway.... :-))

  3. I like 100th posts also! It will be a while before I get to 100 -I have to get a blog first! :-)

  4. You. like. Parsnips and brussel sprouts? Bonnie, I am truly disappointed.
    You. Hate. Rice bubbles and weetbix? Treason!
    You.don' thick. pillows? I haaaaatttee thin pillows, my dear.

    You are wearing a t-shirt? My dear, I think that you always are. ;)

    1. :-) Opposites every time. :-) It's fun that God made us all so different, He must like variety.


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