Friday, 28 June 2013

What is the best thing to do in winter???

Question: Why did I not post yesterday?
Answer: I had something much better to do with my time!!!

There is one thing about winter that is super amazing. We get to go skiing!
Skiing is something you cannot fully understand until you have done it. Once you, too, experience the joys of skiing there is no turning back!

We (meaning, Abbie, Danella and I) went skiing for the first time about 4-5 years ago. For the next few years Sophie, Ben and Johnny joined us and we went maybe 2-3 times each season, and gradually and steadily advanced. We went to Mt Hutt Skifield.
Last year we only did one ski trip and it was to Porters for a change! I like Porters, but it doesn't compare to Mt Hutt. Mt Hutt has more Intermediate slopes and caters for a wider range of abilities.

This year we got to go to Mt Hutt again, and Lydia got to go for the first time, which was amazing. Abbie couldn't really ski some of the harder slopes (right off the summit) though, because of her knee surgery which was still only three months ago! So it was just Danella and I who were going up the Summit Six chairlift and skiing down. If you are familiar with the Mt Hutt slopes we went along Morning Glory, Lower Fascination then came down the Quad- Lex's Way, Broadway and sometimes Half Pipe.

The conditions were amazing. Apparently over the weekend Mt Hutt got the most snow it has had since 1992- 2.8 metres or something! The good thing about that is it makes for ideal conditions on the mountain- soft, powdery snow that you can S---L---I---D---E through. Yay! It was awesome.

There is nothing that compares with skiing. Yes- I am a bit of a speed maniac on skis! I go way faster than I possibly should. :P But when you are whizzing along in the snow... there is nothing that compares with it.

Oh dear. Writing about it is not good. I am desperate to get back on the mountain and ski again! Hopefully we will have more ski trips this year. :-) If you are interested in going with our group talk to me. :-)

Abbie took photos of members of our family skiing. I can't find which folder on the computer she put them in... so at the moment we'll have to resort to good old Google Images. I will try and post the actual photos later in the week.

When you are first starting, you think you will be doing this straight away:

Or maybe you think you will be doing this:

This is what you actually end up doing: 

(just kidding)

Have a great weekend. God bless you! ~Bonnie


  1. Skiing's not my thing…but I'm glad you had fun.

    1. If you tried skiing you might be surprised!!! Oh well. Maybe next year. ;-)

  2. I've never gone skiing. Only sledding, and that's awesome!

    1. Sledding is really fun! I totally agree. ;-)

  3. Skiing? Sounds a little pricey for everyone...
    We know two people who have suffered injury from it (one broke his neck and barely survived.)

    I haven't tried it, none of us have. With the exception of our parents (and that was 20+ years ago...)

    Sounds fun though!

    1. Oh, it is fun. :-)
      Pricey? That's why we don't go very often! ;-)
      Yes, you can get injured from it. We wear helmets- it is the safe thing to do. And if you are careful you shouldn't get hurt!
      It's like anything though. I mean, living is dangerous! You could die while you are in bed asleep!


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