Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Jumpstart. Where do I begin?????????????????

Jumpstart is a camp aimed at 14-17 year olds held at The Crossing, Geraldine. For some information on it and some photos, go here.

We went to Week one ('we' being Abbie, Danella and I) and had an absolute blast. It was SOOOO EXCELLENT!!!

We had Bible teaching from the Book of Joshua and Apologetics teaching on quiet times and being able to defend the reliability and authority of God's Word. We also had some Life Issues sessions including "How to Prepare for the Unexpected" and "Spending your life vs. Investing your life".

And then there was the fun. We did a spy game "Island Invasion" which we did at night with black face paint and dark clothing. Yup- lots of sneaking around and sprinting through the dark being chased by Resistance members not being able to see where you were going! We also had a photo scavenger hunt, talent night plus lots of time to play card games and get to know each other more. It was such a great camp.

The counselors were so lovely, I learnt a lot from their example and watching the way they handled situations. I find that I often panic when faced with difficulties, but there are other options!

I felt that the entire camp was a great reminder to really lean on and trust in Jesus. I liked the Bible teaching in the book of Joshua which was excellent, specifically some of the points Dale Epp the speaker pulled out were really interesting and I hadn't thought of them before!

If you are interested on going on a camp like this I would really recommend Jumpstart. It is life changing. (Oh, and the food was great too!)

On another note, this is my 98th post!!! One more to go then my 100th post! Stay tuned for more!


  1. I'm just back from the 2nd week of Jumpstart! It's killed my typing skill. And yes, it was great.

    1. Killed your typing skill? I found mine was normal when I got back! But then, I'm probably not as fast a typist as you.


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