Friday, 7 June 2013

Big announcement!!! DRUMROLL....

I know- this can hardly beat the last post. :-) That was just totally awesome. It took me ages to think of 100 random facts about me, I can tell you! I hope you liked it.

Even if you didn't, maybe you'll like this post. It's to tell you something I think is cool.

The. Puzzle. Is. Officially. Complete.

There. What did you think of that? It took us about three days. That is most normal for an 1000 piece puzzle you know! And we don't work full time. We just put in a piece when we happen to be walking past, or spend an hour or two working in the afternoon. With three of us (Sophie, Danella and I) it usually gets done surprisingly quick. :-)

Another big announcement coming soon... stay tuned....


  1. Wow! Good job! Will you post a picture of it now? :)

    1. Younger siblings might break it before then but I'll see what I can do. :P

  2. Hi Bonnie, I love your blog. I am just leaving this anonymous because I don't have an account. I regularly go on to your blog and I love it! A bit of advise (which I would love to see happen!) Can you please make a photo page joined to your blog where you post photos? Thank you.

    1. Hi Anonymous! (Can I call you Annie for short???) :-)
      Awww! Thank you! Comments like this really make my day!

      Thank you for your advice! It's really helpful for me when I receive feedback/advice/criticism- whatever you want to call it. Otherwise I don't know what you want.

      I'll look into making that happen. *winks*

      Thanks, and have a blessed day!


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