Sunday, 30 June 2013

Engraved rabbit and skiing photos

First things first. Here are the skiing photos I promised you. Most are of Lydia, Johnny, Ben and Sophie because Danella and I were up the top of the mountain skiing. Abbie isn't in any because she was taking the photos, but at least with these you can kinda see what it was like. 

It was Lydia's first time skiing. The green armbands were so our group could recognize each other.

Ben's going to show us how to put on your skis.

Make sure your boot fasteners are fastened securely...

Pop your feet into the skis.... and....

You are off! (This is Sophie though)

Dad in the background in yellow, Johnny and cousin Josiah skiing.

Johnny (left, foreground) and Josiah (right).

View from on top of the mountain. There was snow on the paddocks all around from the big snowfall over last weekend!
Second things second. ;-) I got this awesome engraving set for my birthday. It is this picture with faint grey lines marked on it, and you have to use a sharp tool to scratch away the top covering of the picture so it looks like this fancy rabbit picture engraved in silver! The pictures do not do it justice. Seriously, I think it looks stunning!

Sorry, this picture has a breakfast plate in the background. Oops!  The flash on the camera makes everything look weird.

You can't see the plate but you can't see the rabbit very well either! Oh well. Maybe next time I'll take better photos.
The rabbit looks waaay better in real life than it does on a photo. And a very poor quality photo at that!
Sorry. Please forgive me. :-(

Yesterday we won our netball game by ONE point. It was extremely close! :-) At least we won. :-) How has your weekend/week been?

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