Wednesday, 5 June 2013

99th post....

Yup... you can tell I'm excited about my 100th post, aren't you???

You are completely and utterly right. :-) I am.

Just fillin' in this post so I can get onto the 100th one here. Ummm... oh, yes. I got a really cool jigsaw puzzle for my birthday. An 1000 piece one. Danella and Sophie doing it as I speak/type! It's laid out on my bedroom floor partially complete. It looks like this:

There, isn't that cool? What a nice jigsaw. We've got most of the house, boat/pond, fence, path and trees done. The sky will probably take aaaages. I have had a lot of experience with skies taking ages. :-(

Is this a long enough post? Can I get onto my 100th one?

Yes. I will. I have decided. Catch you later... on my fantastic 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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