Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Danella's Delectable Caramel Slice (and other interesting things)

This post will probably seem incredibly flat considering the exciting news I posted last! Ah well. That's how it goes.

I was wondering how you like this font. Mum thinks it is hard to read. I think it is cute. Danella thinks it is hard to read. What do you think? Do you think I should just have a boring font like this? Or this? Or this? Or maybe even this?
Or do you think I should leave it like it is? Ideas, anyone???

Danella just came in and offered me a piece of her delectable slice she made on Sunday. She couldn't remember the name of it when I asked her. :-( So I'll just christen it 'Danella's Delectable Caramel Slice'. There. How does that sound? It looks a little like this:

Although admittedly it's not quite as thick. And not the same colouring exactly. But it's the best Google images could do, so you'll have to be content with that.

We were going to announce the news of the baby at our public speaking group but we got a vomiting bug so we didn't go. Someone asked me on Facebook how I was going to announce it. I thought I would post it my planned method, because I thought it would have been quite an amusing way to announce it!

I was down to Chair the Impromptu session. Basically, you have to think of topics, then assign them to the speakers and they talk on that topic for 1 minute. Well, my Impromptu session was going to be on Announcements. Each speaker would be given an announcement (for example: The aliens are invading earth or There's no more flour in the cupboards) and they would have to ANNOUNCE than announcement to the rest of Tecorians. Because you could easily state the sentence then sit down, the challenge was to make it interesting. State where, when, why, how, who etc. Make it last for a whole minute.

And that's not all! You also had to do it in a certain style. For example, Bob might be asked to announce that the walls of Jericho have just come tumbling down in the manner of a racing car commentator! Or in a melancholy manner. Or acting very happy. Or American. You get the picture.

So... I was going to get Dad to announce that his wife was having her tenth baby in a very fatherly style. Sounds okay, doesn't it? But I thought that people might just assume it was just for the Impromptu session, not true and that I made it up! Well, afterwards I was going to say, "Well, all of those announcements were false. I made them all up, and I don't think any of them were true! Apart from one. One of those announcements was true, and we're all very excited about it. Does anyone want to guess which announcement was actually true?"

So there you go. That was my plan. Sadly we didn't go to Tecorians (public speaking group) as I said above we got a vomiting bug. So that kinda ruined my plan. :-(

Yup, I reckon that's about it from me for today. It seems kind of rambly... sorry!


  1. The font you're currently using: Even though it's cute, it isn't the easiest to read (in my opinion).

    Ariel is kinda boring, but if you play with the font size you could make it fun. :-) It's a good choice because Ariel is a sans-serif font which is easiest to read on a computer screen.

    Courier is hard to read. (Not a good choice in my book.)

    Georgia is really nice. I use this one.

    Impact is just that--impact. I don't like it because it's too bold. It fits boys better than girls.

    Times New Roman is really nice, but it is a serif font (just a little harder to read on the computer).

    Trebuchet is really nice as well, this is a sans-serif font.

    Verdana is also a really nice sans-serif font, although if you use that you'd probably want to make the font size just a little smaller because at default size it's just a little big and demanding.

    Calibri is really nice. This is another sans-serif font.

    There are also several others in the options you have from Blogger--just go through and see what you can find! :-)

    Hope that's the kind of advice you wanted.... ;-)


    1. Thanks Esther!! That's definitely what I wanted. I'll have a look at them. Thanks again! You're so helpful!

  2. So sorry that you missed out on executing your plan... :)

    I think that the current font isn't ideal for a blog. It is hard to read (making me skim over the posts sometimes) and mostly unprofessional. Maybe you should just keep the curly font for the post titles...?

    When I started out with blogging, I wanted to use a curly font all the time but (thankfully) I was put off it by my Mother. =)

    1. What do you think of my new font????????

      Thanks heaps for all your feedback!

    2. You asking me?

      In my opinion, it's just as bad. Sorry--I'm kinda picky.

  3. I was asking both my helpful advisors. :-)

    :-( I thought it was quite cool! Oh well. *goes back and hunts again for another font*


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