Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Interview a blogger

Rhoda from Serving With Joy posted this Interview a Blogger Challenge. I think it's quite cool, so I'm doing it too. :-)

This challenge is about interviewing yourself, surprise surprise!

Here goes!

What is your favorite hymn?

Oh help!!! Where do I start? I love Stuart Townend's 'modern hymns' like In Christ Alone, How Deep the Father's Love and See What a Morning. I also love Fanny Crosby's hymns like Blessed Assurance and Saved by Grace. I love all the hymns.

Some of my other favourites include Bringing in the Sheaves, Abide With Me, And Can it Be, Eternal Father Strong To Save, Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah, I Love To Tell the Story, Rock of Ages, Swing Low;Sweet Chariot, The Old Rugged Cross, Be Thou My Vision, To God Be the Glory, Amazing Grace, Trust and Obey, When I survey the Wondrous Cross and many, many more!

What do you consider to be the most difficult book of the Bible? Why?

I'm not sure. Maybe Deuteronomy, Numbers or Leviticus because they are filled with long genealogies and Do's and Dont's regarding how the people of Israel should behave. But I believe all Scripture is God-inspired and is good for rebuke, doctrine and instructing the man of God in every good work (or however that verse goes) so I'm not saying any of it is 'difficult', maybe just not as easy to read and understand.

A character trait you most admire in people?

Probably faithfulness. If I say I'm going to do something, I really try my hardest to do it. I don't appreciate it when others let me down... so I admire it in them. I also really admire those people who just knuckle right down to it and get the job done. And servants hearts.

What do you like most about your family?

Our size!!! Our laughter. Our help-each-other-out spirit. The loving atmosphere. Everything. :-)

What do you wish you could do more of?

Hmmm..... Most of the stuff I do! I wish I could write more. I wish I had more time to spend just enjoying myself with a good book. :-) I wish I spent more time reading and really studying the Bible. I wish I could eat more chocolate. (jk) I wish I could do more singing... practising instruments... writing poems and setting them to music (I've written several songs none of which were any good apart from one which is kinda 50/50) and climbing trees. That is one of the greatest joys in life.

Favorite author and book?

Don't ask such HARD questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Frank Peretti's books. And I still love Enid Blyton. She is incredible.

Do you prefer active/outdoor activities or creative/indoor activities?

Bit of both I suppose. I like doing active outdoor things if I'm good at them... like, don't ask me to play soccer. I don't even know the rules. But mention the word Netball and I'm with you 100%! I love doing indoor activities though. I guess it also depends on what they are.

Do you keep a journal/diary?

Yup. I have since October 2010. :-) Coming up 3 years. I really enjoy writing down my private thoughts.

What is your favorite healthy food or recipe (ex: blueberries)?

Blueberries. Yes, probably!! Or grapes. Especially when frozen. They make great little summer snacks.

Do you think music is neutral or does it have an influence on those who listen?

Oh, it definitely has an influence on those who listen. There was a study done once on some mice. There were two groups of them, placed in different rooms with the same food, cage size etc. One cage had played to them heavy metal rock music continually, day and night. Most of them went mad after a few days and some died. The other cage had no music at all. They all lived and were perfectly normal.

I believe that the right kind of music is great to listen to. Classical music, Christian hymns, songwriters that are quite 'mild' compared to some of what you can get out there.

Which historical person (besides Biblical characters) do you most admire?

I admire the missionaries who were martyred for their faith, like John and Betty Stam. I also really admire Corrie Ten Boom.

What do you like best about blogging?

Hmm.. Everything!

A big thank you to Rhoda for the challenge. Now it’s your turn. Be warned, if no-one says they’ll take it within two days, I’ll be asking specifically!


  1. Hey Bonnie,
    Did you leave a comment with Rebekah to tell her you took the challenge?
    I'm surprised that you finished so fast!

  2. Yes I have Rhoda, thanks for stopping by! Lovely to have you :-)

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for participating! I enjoyed reading your replies to each question! I also like a lot of the hymns you enjoy, such as Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah, and others. Eating more chocolate sounds like a good idea to me ;)
    I agree with your answer on music, and I should look up the authors you mentioned- I never heard of them. Also, I encourage you to keep up your journal! Its wonderful to look back and see how God worked in your life.


    1. Hi Rebekah,

      Thanks for stopping by! I love comments. :-)
      I definitely hope to keep up my journal. A lot of people say that they have trouble remembering to write in it every day. I only write in mine once every two days... once a week... occasionally it gets to once a month! It's never as often as it should be, but I think that keeps it going on for longer than if you do it every day then drop it.
      Blessings to you too!

  4. p.s. I'm following you on feedly, and I added your blog button to my blogs 'n' links page!


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