Sunday, 12 May 2013

I spoke at Church!!!

I spoke at Church!!! Has a certain ring about it, doesn't it?

Before you start telling me off for lying, yes, I did speak in front of the entire Church. So I am telling the truth.

I guess you want to hear all about it, right?
Here goes.

Back on Tuesday when I was in town helping out at our Church office, the lady who was organising the Mother's Day service asked me if I would like to do a short under-5 minute speech at Church for Mother's Day. Of course, I said yes. It's not often you get an opportunity like that, is it?

Anyway, she was organising the Mothers Day service into 5 categories.
1.) Mothers with young children to teenagers
2.) Grandmothers
3.) Solo mums
4.) Married woman who never had children or unmarried women
5.) Widows

She was getting a different speaker for each category and telling them to say something honouring their category, e.g. Grandmothers. So they would talk about how much Grandmothers are a help, what they do, why they do it, we value and honour them etc. And you go on like that for 5 minutes. Easy, huh?

Not exactly. You see, I was asked to do the Grandmothers category.

Yes, I must confess that I think that is one of the easiest categories to do. But... still... the thought of standing up in front of HUNDREDS of people (our Church had about 300 people there I think) and do your talk.... Thrilling! NOT. Scary. YES. Petrifying. YES.

I'll confess to you, dear reader, I was utterly petrified. It's one thing talking to 20-25 people at your public speaking group. They know you quite well  and you know them quite well and you do it every fortnight so it's not that bad... and if you botch it up completely, it's not that big a deal. But to speak in front of CHURCH. That's scary with a capital S!

Don't tell anyone else this, but I am scared for a lot of things. I still get quite a bit scared before doing a speech at the public speaking group, even after 2 years of it. For goodness sakes: I get nervous before piano lessons! That's just me. So you can imagine how petrified I was before I was due to speak. My hands went all clammy. I couldn't remember what I was going to say. (I forgot to look at my notes.) I just about ran out of the door screaming "I'm not going to do it anymore!!!" Yeah, I know. Completely random. Imagine how bad that would have looked had I done it. *headdesk*

But, to cut a long story short, I did it. I conquered my fears. I spoke in front of Church. And people afterwards even came up to me and said I did really well. (That was probably to console me, because I wasn't that good.) But anyway. There you go.

It just goes to show, doesn't it? The things we fear most (i.e. a tongue cramp when you are speaking [jk] ) can just turn out perfectly right. Why do we get so worked up about everything?

On a completely different topic, happy mother's day! Wish your mother a happy mother's day from me. She probably deserves it, after bringing you up!!!! (Just kidding)


  1. *applause*
    Tongue cramps. *saves for later use*

  2. Good work!

    For me, speaking in front of a couple hundred people I don't know, would be easier than speaking to a handful that I know quite well. Take for example, the funeral I had to speak at, in September. It was much easier doing that (in front of at least 200), than speaking to only a few people.

    I know that sounds weird.. :)

    1. I am completely the opposite!!! It's funny how completely different us humans are, isn't it?


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