Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ballet show

I have a limited number of photos from the ballet show.... (by limited, I mean Three...)

This is a photo I scanned in off the programme. It is our class in the village scene. Danella, Sophie and I are at the back. Sophie is between the girl in blue and the girl in lilac (first from the left) Danella is next from the left and I am second from the right. You can't see us very well, but aren't the costumes gorgeous?

This is some of us in our tutus. I am the one in the back row, third from the left. Sophie is on the end beside me. From this angle you can't really see the butterflies in our hair.

Here is the hall where we were doing the photo shoot. At the back are some girls in tutus getting photographed, and in the middle there are people awaiting their turn. 
I would love to have posted more photos, but that's all Abbie took!

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