Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Being Boring

Yup... I'm being boring. I can't think of anything else to do so here's some random facts about me. (No, I wasn't tagged.)

1.) I love watching Mr Ed on YouTube. He's so funny!
2.) We are taking part in a computer programming club at the University at present. It's really interesting. We're learning all about base 2 (binary) data representation and hexidecimals! It's quite fascinating, especially since we get to do badges to make it more fun.
3.) I love reading your comments. They make me feel special. :-)
4.) Did you know that DVD players play DVDs by shining a laser red light on them? And that the reason Blu-Ray DVDS are called Blu-Ray because the laser light shining on them is blue? (If you're interested in Blu-ray discs, go here for more information.
5.) I'm memorizing Psalms 119:127-134 at the moment for a Scripture Exam. I just love that passage.

And here's the Procrastinator's Daybook....

Date... May 15th 2013

Starting time... 6:42 pm

Mood... contented because we just ate tea.

Outside my window... bushes and moon.

I'm thinking... I love the sticky date pudding we had for dessert!

I'm currently reading... I just finished Watership Down by Richard Adams.

I'm listening to... younger siblings playing outside the office door.

I'm wearing... my favourite purple polar fleece and jeans.

I'm looking forward to... My birthday which is in exactly two weeks.....

I'm hoping... it will come soon, and also a camp which is over my birthday which I'm really looking forward to as well.

Yesterday, I... took the bus into town to help out at the Church office.

I'm hungry for... nothing really. I just had tea.

The song stuck in my head is... "Faithful Friend" by Twila Paris and Steven Curtis Chapman.

I love... hugs. I'm a bit of a huggy sort of person. (Don't read that as a Huggies sort of person....) Which would be Rather Awkward....

I loathe... people saying they will do something and then not getting around to doing it. That really makes me annoyed!

Picture of the week...
This is me and Danella when we were quite young. Isn't it cute?


  1. I didn't know that about the DVD players. Do you know the difference between Blu-Ray playing and red-ray playing? I don't.

    1. Yes, it's interesting, isn't it!

      No, I can't say I do. Perhaps you could find out.

  2. Bonnie you were the cutest.You still look about the same. ;)

    And Sticky date pudding? Yuuum

    1. Oh, thank you Sayna. :-)

      Yup- with caramel sauce. Double yum.


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