Saturday, 25 May 2013

Birthdays + music + netball + camp = busy life!

Here I am, posting again. As I could not think of anything else, this post will be pretty random, I imagine.
Here's the Procrastinator's Daybook to kick us off. :-)

Date... 25th of May.

Starting time... 1:26 pm

Mood... hungry for some lunch! Yes, it's late.

Outside my window... I can hear the birds in the aviary chirping.

I'm thinking... How much longer until lunchtime???

I'm currently reading... Song of the Trumpet by Charles G. Coleman

I'm listening to... Mum and Dad talking about houses.

I'm wearing... a pink t-shirt and brown skirt. It just seems that sort of day.

I'm looking forward to... being 15. I've been saying I'm 'nearly 15' since, like, January.

I'm hoping...I umpired netball alright this morning. I did it by myself today. :-)

Yesterday, I... did theory with Sophie....ate meals...

I'm hungry for... nothing really. We've just had lunch. Sausage rolls because it is Mum's birthday today!

The song stuck in my head is... Giraffes are Awesome (just kidding)

I love... Birthdays! Me and Mum are four days apart.

I loathe... getting beaten in our netball game. :-( Like what happened this morning...

Picture of the week...

Recent photo of Sophie
I'm really looking forward to a camp I'll be at this week. Starting from Monday and going through to Friday, I most probably will not be able to post, as I do not have the access to an electronic device I can post through. (I will be away over my birthday. *sobs*)

So sorry about that, you'll miss out on my posts for five days or so. You'll cope, though. I hope.
As I said above, it's Mums birthday! Happy birthday Mum!

And I'll leave you with that. May the Lord bless you in all that you do. :-)

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