Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Wednesday. What can I say? (hey, that rhymed!)

Today.... I got up at precisely 6:53 am. I consumed my breakfast then did my normal morning duties, including feeding the pet rabbits, practising the violin and piano and folding up some washing. I then began my schoolwork.

At about  11 o'clock, Mum and Dad called us all in to the office and asked for our thoughts on the properties we are looking at, one on Trent's Road and one on Spring's Road. If we want to buy the latter (see the post here) we must tell the owners before four o'clock this afternoon or else we've missed out. So there's some big decisions to make!

After that we had our lunch (which Grandma, who is down from Nelson at the moment, made for us) which was scones and fried rice and omelette. Did I mention Grandma is an AMAZING cook???
Well, she is.

After that I did some more schoolwork before setting out to walk a lady's dog which I do every Wednesday.  After I came home I read a bit, folded up and put away the rest of the washing, did some work on my Latin at Language Perfect then opened up my blog and started to write this post.

Later on today Danella and I will go down to the Prebbleton Netball courts for the last trial of the season where the coaches will decide who goes in what team. We are both in the Senior grade which means that we get to do coaching and umpiring if we want to. I definitely want to do more umpiring, it is actually really really really fun!!!

After we get back from netball I will probably eat my tea then start making Dad a card (I've already got his present nicely wrapped, which doesn't often happen this early) as his birthday is tomorrow.

Then I will probably get into bed.

At the moment I'm loving................. G.K. Chesterton's essay "On Lying In Bed" which you can read if you click here.

May the Lord bless you greatly!

PS. I am meant to be doing a speech at Tecorians (our public speaking group) but I don't have many* good ideas.

*Okay, make that "I don't have any good ideas".

Do you? Can you please comment on this post with your excellent ideas???? Please???? I want to get started writing my speech sooner or later so I will possibly need an idea for that!


  1. -Life in Edwardian times
    -Victorian fashion
    -Life as a sparrow
    -How to flip an omelet

    ..Okay, I'll stop coming up with such randomly silly ideas, speech ideas! ;)

    1. Help! I don't know anything about living in Edwardian times!!!
      Or Victorian fashion.
      I've never lived as a sparrow, either!
      How to flip an omelet. Okay, that could work.

      1. Position spatula
      2. Deftly jerk upwards, carrying omelet on spatula
      3. Hope the omelet lands back in the pan

      What more is there to say???? Any more speech ideas (even if they are randomly silly ones!)?

    2. -Ladies footwear fashion over the years

      -"In" colours for autumn fashion 2013(make them up, with the worst colour combinations)

      -How you overcame laughing when tickled

      -What the best chocolate bar in the world would taste like.

  2. Better ideas there! Hmmm...
    Maybe not a speech about fashion.... I don't know much about it. How I overcome laughing when tickled? I don't! I can't stop myself laughing!
    What the best chocolate bar in the world would taste like. Now there's an idea! I just might have a think about that one.


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