Sunday, 31 March 2013

Breaking news

Breaking news. (I feel like a TV announcer!!) Mum and I went to the hospital to see Abbie last night and the news is kind of hard to get your head around!
The orthopaedic registrar who looked at Abbie says that she doesn't think there is an infection in the joint after all. But they didn't know what this weird swelling was and why the symptoms pointed to an infection! They tested blood and plasma from the joint (yip, I know- it's disgusting!) but they say it tests negative for infection. So they kept her in overnight saying they didn't really know/weren't sure!
This morning her temperature went up again and she was complaining of a really sore knee AGAIN (it seemed to have fixed itself late last night, we think it was due to prayer) but now we need more prayer because it could be showing itself again.
They were contemplating taking her back into the theatre to drain and rinse out the area and try to get rid of any possible infection but decided not to in the end as they aren't sure if she has an infection or not! So she has to stay in another night under observation!
Phew. That was a lot of information. We would really appreciate your continued prayers for her as don't know if she has an infection and may possibly have to have the surgery. Will keep you posted on the latest.

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