Monday, 25 March 2013

Knee photos

Y'all remember Abbie's knee surgery? Well, she's up and about now, on crutches. We even get to do her chores for her. On Saturday (yesterday) she took off her bandage and we saw her knee for the first time since the surgery. It was a bit of an experience!

I've got some photos of her knee. The black sticky-outy bits are the threads the surgeon used to sew her knee back together again after he operated and pinned the cartilage back onto the bone. 

Here, first, is a far-away picture.

This shows clearly the threads (in a cross shape) with a dot of blood. This came (not because of the camera), but when the old bandage pulled off all the dried blood and it began to bleed again. The next pictures show more clearly the different places where they opened it up.

Now, in this next one, the blue material is the towel Abbie was using to wipe away the yellowish foul-smelling antiseptic solution they coated her knee in.

The first photo shows all the swelling best. It is amazing how much her knee swelled up! You don't realise it from the photo, but her knee is actually quite large!
You can only see a little of the swelling from the first photo, even though you don't realise quite how big it is, it is actually hugely swelled!
Now, completely off topic, I've just randomly got some more photos.

Above: Ben with his cricket award. He won  Player of the Day last week!

Left: Having Abbie's birthday tea! (She turned 16 yesterday.)
We had it with our cousins. You can see our uncle (in the black on the left) and half our aunty (in the red pants on the far right) but our cousins are much dispersed throughout the photo.

Below:  Some of Danella's quails. She has such funny names for them! The original male and female were named Clarke and Chloe. Chloe laid an egg and out came little Christopher. Then Clarke died suddenly and before we had time to process this, Christopher mated with his mother and they had two babies, Chrissie and Cassie. And, last, Christopher and Chloe had two more babies, this time both boys. These are the ones in this photo. These are named Churchill and Caesar!


  1. "Y'all Remember"
    ...I think Bonnie comes from Michigan. ;)

    Abbie's knee doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Exactly how many stitches is there on her knee?

    A few years ago, I slipped on a stone in the river... There was a large gash and I had to get eight stitches. And watch the Docter stitch them on. :P Oh, and the sitches burst so it had to be re-stitched...

    Do congratulate Abbie on her recent Birthday!

    1. Not from Michigan.... Must be Bonnie-gan! :-P

      I think there are four... it was keyhole surgery so you can't really expect great gashes!
      Ouch!!!! I don't know if I could watch someone stitching me up!
      I will pass on your regards to Abbie. :-)
      God bless!


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