Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Music and Moving

I thought some of you might be interested in the sort of music I like listening to:

Don Moen

Twila Paris

Robin Mark

Stuart Townend (most famous for writing the song In Christ Alone)

I have quite a few other musicians on my playlists (like Kris Baines and Stephen Curtis Chapman) but the four mentioned above are probably my personal favourites.

Just an update on the house situation, we have now found another house that we are interested in also! I can't find the advertisement on TradeMe at the moment so you won't be able to see it at the moment though. (Everyone say "Oh.")
But.... (cheerful grin and optimistic attitude) Never Fear! Bonnie's Here!
Just being silly.

Please excuse my playfulness! I'm in a silly mood at the moment sorry. :-P

So I better go now before I dig myself into a big hole!!!


  1. I'm listening to the first three right now.

    1. What do you think of them?


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